Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What Exactly DO You Know About Vaccines?

 This is an excellent article. I know it's a bit longer than most articles with 9 pages, but it is well written and provides a clear overview of the science. I highly recommend bookmarking this site to read it and refer to it:

It also reminded me that in this issue, so few people seem to know:

1) what the immune system is and how it works
2) what vaccines are and how they work

Most people don't even know what is in vaccines or even what the vaccine names (MMR, PCV) mean. In fact, I've had people refuse to believe that vaccines contain replicated cell lines from aborted humans (in at least 10 vaccines in the US) or that mercury is still in some vaccines.

For example, most people who vaccinate have never bothered to even look at the CDC's reported disease list. I like to look at it once a week and encourage everyone to check up on it:

And then, whether the ultimate choice is to vaccinate or remain vaccine-free, most parents still express fear about dying from vaccine-related illnesses. But how many have checked out the actual death rates and not the media-hyped figures tossed around?

And how many people spend a little time reading through the reported adverse reactions for the particular vaccine they are considering? This search tool will break down the VAERS site, which is run by the FDA and CDC:

I wonder how many vaccinating parents ever think to ask for the ACTUAL manufacturer inserts that come with each vaccine. They should be saved along with the insurance bill in your child's file in case your child experiences an adverse reaction. Fortunately, the manufacturers do not hide anything. You can read all of THEIR information. Just pick the vaccine you want and click:

Perhaps the most shocking thing is how many parents adamantly defend vaccines and choose to vaccinate their children, yet completely ignore the AAP's advice on rearfacing children in carseats. The AAP states:

"[Children] should remain rear-facing until they reach the highest weight or height allowed by their car safety seat’s manufacturer."

The NHTSA also claims more than 80% of carseats are installed incorrectly. In 2008, more than 250,000 children were severely injured (disabled) in car accidents, and 10% of those injured children went on to die.

The CDC also speaks strongly about carseats:

"Motor vehicle injuries are the leading cause of death among children in the U.S.1 But many of these deaths can be prevented. Placing children in age- and size-appropriate car seats and booster seats reduces serious and fatal injuries by more than half.2"

So, thousands of children are injured and hundreds of children die from car accidents due to the parents incorrectly using carseats. But parents run out to vaccinate their children to the hilt for diseases that already had low morbidity rates before the vaccines were even introduced.

Buckle your child incorrectly into a carseat so you can drive her to the doctor's office for a vaccine.

Sounds stupid to me but what do I know...I'm just a crazy person out there who likes to quote the CDC, FDA, AAP et al.


A quick list divided by vaccine:

The Stand Against Vaccinations FB page:


  1. love that..people need to do their own research instead of blindly follow anyone or anything.