Monday, June 28, 2010

Our Grobaby Experience

As soon as I read about the dangers of bleached and SAP-filled disposable diapers, I knew I had to try out cloth diapering. A generous friend gifted me a brand new Fuzzi Bunz AIO, which DD loves, but FB was a bit on the expensive side. 

Actually, it seemed to me at the time (being new and overwhelmed) that all cloth diapers were expensive. I'm an avid couponer and would typically manage to get Huggies and 7th Generation diapers for 4 cents a piece. So looking at the "discount cloth diaper packages" running into $300-$500 was a shock for me.

That's when I bumped into the Grobaby clearance. The Grobaby collection was being discontinued to be replaced by a new, improved collection called Grovia. So I was able to snag some diapers for close to 50% off the original price! Then a tempting set showed up one day on A set of grobaby covers and their disposable biosoaker pads! DH tried them out, was tickled by how easy they are and we haven't looked back since then. Babysteals continued to provide more sales and I was able to snag a set of 3 covers plus cloth soakers for $48!!!

Yes, keep in mind that I've tried a grand total of TWO different cloth diapers. :) I won't pretend to be experienced or wise in this method. But I know that everyone in my household loves grobaby. Why?

1) They are very trim. My daughter is tall and skinny so having a fit, trim diaper makes a great fashion statement, along with being comfortable. There is NO bulk!

2) It's a flexible system. I can use a biosoaker pad, which contains minimal SAP and is bleach-free, when we have to be out of the house all day. Or for example in the beginning, DH used them to become comfortable with the idea of cloth diapering. Then there's the organic cloth soaker pad, which is thick and soft and stays put. DD has not leaked at all! Finally, if you have a heavy wetter or need cloth diapers for night time, you can add an additional cotton booster. DD's favorite part? Using the cover only for swimming!

3) The organic cloth soaker pads snap in! My daughter is mostly using the potty chair (we used Elimination Communication in the infant stage) so being able to remove the diaper frequently without losing everything is great. It also keeps the soaker positioned bunching or sticking out.

4) It's just efficient! Being able to remove the soiled soaker pad while still using the adorable cover really appeals to me. It's less laundry!

I can't wait until the Grovia line debuts. I want to get the little flushable liners as I think that will make things easier (it protects the soaker pad from baby poo and you simply flush the liner). Needless to say, both my babies will be in grobaby/grovia and I recommend you give them a try!

(Here's the beginning of my stash!)


  1. Those sound interesting. We tried gDiapers which I think may be similar.

    My blog is doing a giveaway for a Kushies swim diaper if you'd like to enter!

  2. We've used Lots and lots of different cloth!

    don't be fooled by the big stores etc. e Bay sells cloth diapers 8X covers plus X10 free inserts for only $25

    I also had some diapers that were $35 a piece and they were not as good as my eBay diapers.