Thursday, July 29, 2010

Help Build the Diaper Stash!

So I have slowly been piecing together a cloth diaper stash. I love grobaby/grovia. I have some dream-eze in various sizes for night time diapering. I bought some pre-owned dipes and friends have generously donated prefolds.

I'm worried though that 1) I don't have enough for the newborn stage and 2) I don't have just some simple, "tiny" diapers for the newborn stage. What if the AIOs don't fit my little baby? What if I run out and we do laundry everyday? (Which I would love to avoid during the post partum chaos!)

I saw this giveaway for 2 Lil Joeys:

And I would love if you could all spam me with ideas and recommendations. Right now, cloth diapering an almost potty-trained toddler is a breeze. I don't even have a real pail and pail liner haha. Please help me get prepared!

I bought these soft, adorable diapers from Dilly Dalley and MotherMoonPads, but will they even fit? They seem huge! :o LOL I am having newborn anxiety!


  1. Honestly, I would not expend too much time or money on newborn dipes. For all we know, the baby could either be too big for them from the get-go or outgrow them in a matter of days! Jacob was only 8 lbs. and change but none of his newborn stuff fit him, so I had to scramble to get some smalls instead. Infant prefolds should be more than sufficient, get some newborn covers and some smalls and you're good to go. I actually prefer prefolds over any other diaper! :)

  2. My fav's were kissaluvs size 0. They are the ultimate newborn diaper when combined with a bummis original cover. It was a great combo for me. I did buy 4 small fuzzibunz that worked great as night time diapers. A newborn prefold would work great in a bummis original cover too. Very good for diapering on the cheap. Good luck. I love reading your blog.

  3. Oh, and I have found that my pail liner is just a big nuisance. When doing laundry I end up having to wash it too since it smells of heavy ammonia. I then have to wash out the pail too to keep things smelling nice. I would either do a standard plastic pail/ garbage can or a hanging pail liner to store the dirty diapers. I think I'm going to opt for the pail downstairs and hang my big liner upstairs in the bathroom.

  4. I love the nature babies essential wraps. You can also EC or partially EC. that's what we'll be doing if ever there will be a second baby


    This is what we got and three months in it was all we have ever needed. The wraps have adjustable snaps and fit him as a newborn and still as a 3 month old (4.6 kilo to 7 kilos now). I love the flat folds because there are so many ways to fold them, including now that my LO is older, doubling them up for nights. Not to mention its not insanely expensive so it wont break you like the AIO's will. They also dry alot faster on the line (we don't have a dryer). We do diapers every 2-3 days depending on the need. We just use a bucket with a lid with some baking soda and a few inches of water in it. We rinse the bucket after each use. Even in the aweful Israeli heat, it doesn't smell, though that might have something to do with the fact that its still only breastfed poos right now... This is my first baby and honestly after like 2 days of a bit of fumbling, cloth diapering a newborn really became second nature and I really feel like it is the best thing for him, not to mention the environment. Best of luck and feel free to ask me if you have questions!!


    This is what we bought and so far its been great. The wraps have adjustable snaps so it took us from newborn to 3 months old on the same set of wraps. Plus the flat folds are great! You can fold them so many ways, double them for nights, and they wash cleaner and dry faster than the AIO's (we line dry). We rinse the dirty diapers in the laundry sink and put them in a bucket with a lid and some baking soda and even in the Israeli heat it doesnt smell, though that might have something to do with the fact that we still are only on breastmilk poos. We do laundry about every 2-3 days and that seems to be more than enough. It takes about 15 minutes to fold up the diapers, which we do at night when were watching a movie or something. We cloth diapered from birth and it really is easier than people make it out to be. Its so much better for their little bums and it takes about 10 diapers to get used to it and then its really no problem. Check out this website, theyre really great. I would reccomend getting a few sets of the rubber pants as well for reserve. We did find one or two times when we ran out of wraps in like a day due to repeated messy poos or record pees and it was nice to have some rubber pants on hand as a backup. (They also rinse clean and wipe dry so you dont need alot of them). Good luck and feel free to message me with questions:)