Monday, November 29, 2010

Arguing on the Foundation of Normal

As an activist, when you enter into a debate on these issues you need to maintain a true measure of normalcy. Do not make the mistake of allowing medical interventions become the norm with your words. An intact body is the norm; everything else is an intervention, whether purported to be helpful or damaging.

Debating breastfeeding? Do not say, "Breast is best," because it isn't best. It's absolutely normal. "Breast is best" means formula is normal. You are in reality shouting, “Breast is the best and formula is the standard!” Every step of the way along the "best campaign" makes formula good, acceptable, adequate and comparable. No wonder the numbers of mothers who nurse in America are so low!

Watch your language when discussing nursing relationships.

Debating vaccine theory? Do not start out claiming vaccines are scary or dangerous. You need to make the other person do the work of proving them safe and effective. No one should be convinced to STOP vaccinating. They should be convinced to START vaccinating. And it’s not that a child is “unvaccinated." He is “vaccine free” or she has an “intact immune system.” Vaccination is what permanently alters the immune system.

What exactly do you know about immunity and vaccinations? 

Debating circumcision? Do not use the word uncircumcised, as if circumcision is natural for humans (or mammals in general). Medically unnecessary amputation causes the defect. The prepuce, also called the clitoral hood or foreskin, is not the defect. Children protected from circumcision are intact, whole, as nature intended or as God made them.

What else do you routinely remove from your child's body at birth?

The internet is a powerful communication tool for sharing information with others. But it is also a restrictive tool, since we can only rely on words and images, and in a common debate on here, it's primarily words. Our words can be extremely powerful. They are more than a definition. They are an idea, a worldview, a description of living. Make sure they are describing what's truly normal for humans.

It's not a movement, bandwagon or fad; it's normal.

Which image is biologically normal? And yet which image
perhaps surprised you or caught your attention more than the other?
Why is the default, the biologically expected, shocking?


  1. I've felt the same way about this for a long time, usually I have a good alternative for what most people say. I never have a good way of refuting "breast is best" with something snappy and to the point. I LOVE "intact immune system"!! I'll be using that from now on, thank you!

  2. Good post. Great points! It's important what we use as the status quo when debating certain issues. I got so used to saying "breast is best" when I worked as a Peer Counselor . . . but it would have been so much better to just say "breastfeed" LOL