Monday, November 29, 2010

A Thing is not Necessarily True Because a Man Dies for It

The mother who wrote this important message wishes to remain anonymous so that this message can stand for all parents and children who have sacrificed for our vaccine society:

Your child is more important than mine.

I want you to read these words and have them reverberate through your body like they do through my body. Open your mind and put yourself in my shoes. This is what I feel in my heart NOW AND FOREVER. I gave my child for the greater good. But I'm called names and made to look like I'm crazy and told that my child doesn't count. Why, because he was sacrificed to save yours?"

The anonymous mother quotes Julie Obradovic:
"This is the argument that keeps me up at night. This is the mentality that fried my baby’s brain. This is the rationale behind a vaccine program that is out of control, completely corrupt, and responsible for damaging millions and millions of lives. As long as the belief is that those damaged millions are justification for the billions, it’s okay. As Angelina Jolie says in her summer movie Wanted, “Kill one. Save a thousand.” But what about when that “one” is yours? When that “one” could have and should have been saved? When that “one” turns out not to be “one” but an entire generation of children across the globe?

Well, that’s when I get angry. I have yet to meet one parent of a vaccine injured child, or a vaccine injured person, who is okay with what happened because they take comfort in knowing their sacrifice was for the greater good. The only people who believe they should are those that have the luxury of not having made a sacrifice, and worse, believe that sacrifice somehow made them safer. And those people don’t even believe they have to say “thank you” to we who have sacrificed. They believe they were entitled to our sacrifice. To any and all who may feel that way, let me make this clear: You were never entitled to my child’s life, and I never had any intention of giving it to you."

The anonymous mother continues:

"Someone told me the other night, “I know something happened to your son with vaccines but I’m pro-vaccine and they save lives.”

Fine, be “pro-vaccine” but what you said was cold and absolutely HEARTLESS. I would never have said something like this to you, as I am a mother. Would you say the same thing to a mother that had a child with cancer? No, but it’s ok to say it to a mother that has a child damaged by the very thing she was told would make her child and everyone else safe.

There are so many things about this you can’t possibly understand so I will give you the benefit of the doubt…you really didn’t mean to be rude, ignorant heartless and self-centered.

Before you make blanket statements about vaccines consider this: my child lives everyday with bleeding eczema and gut pain so bad you could only have nightmares about it. He cannot communicate his wants or needs because his vaccine-caused brain damage rendered him speechless. He is not potty trained at 6 years old. He is in a special needs class.

My child was born perfectly normal. His Apgar scores were fantastic. There was nothing wrong with him physically or mentally when I gave birth to him. My son could draw at 15 months. He could feed himself. He had a great vocabulary. Then the Pediatrician gave him MMR, Verivax (chicken pox) and Prevnar-7 on the same visit. Some of you may think this is excessive but it is now standard procedure to give this same combo to children as young as 12 months.

That night my son had a seizure and never came back. When I took my son to the doctor after a frantic evening in the ER, I was told, “No, he must be epileptic it wasn’t the immunizations.”

I want you to remember before you make rude statements that there are REAL children who are SUFFERING behind the vaccination program. There are REAL parents who watched their baby never come back.

You may not believe that vaccines cause autism but you don’t know the whole story because you haven’t dug deep enough. You listen to what your doctor/the CDC/the media tell you to believe. Blanket statement about a subject that you have no real knowledge on is what Mr Lowry calls a fallacy. In all honesty, if you knew and read the peer reviewed studies that I have from our own government about vaccines and brain damage you would never stick another needle into your child. There is a whole world of special interests and back door deals when it comes to the multi-billion dollar industry of vaccines. The vaccine schedule has increase by over 600% in the last 25 yrs and researchers are claim there has been a 6000% increase in autism. That’s not a typo, 6000% increase. If you caused a 6000% increase in a developmental disorder wouldn’t you try to hide it too?

I know you probably don’t have any interest in finding out any of this information but I can enlighten you with information that the government doesn’t want you to hear or know. AND NO, I’m not a conspiracy theory nut. This is in black and white and is waiting for you to find if you’re looking for it.

Take a good hard look at the picture I’ve given you. Remember that this is my beautiful child. This is the little boy that suffers everyday because *I* believed I was doing the right thing by vaccinating him. I was a nurse. I believed in the system. I thought all vaccines were tested effectively and in combination with each other. I was wrong. Only one ingredient and one vaccine have been studied (MMR and Thimerosal). And poorly studied at that. To top it off, the primary mercury study is now facing some very harsh criticism and may not hold water. NONE of the vaccines on the schedule have been tested for cumulative or combined effects on an infant’s brain.

I am a real mother who sacrificed my baby for the greater good and instead of thanking me…you told me that my child didn’t matter.

Your compassion is astounding.”

Here is a real face behind herd immunity.

"The end does not justify the means.  

No one's rights can be secured by the violation of the rights of others."  

-- Ayn Rand


  1. This breaks my heart! My son, though not suffering to the degree yours is, suffered a vaccine injury. I am mortified at the possibility that his potentially lifelong suffering might have easily been preventible.

    It frustrates me beyond belief that they claim all safety and don't even take the simplest questions to the table ( like has anyone in your family suffered from an autoimmune condition, and thereby significantly increasing your risk of a reaction?) It'd be simple enough to eliminate a lot of the heartache, but they don't.

    And to ask that real science be the guidance, and that real and complete information be decimated to the public so they could make INFORMED DECISIONS about their children's health would just be ridiculous, right?

  2. I'm suspicious of vaccines and many other "standard" medical practices too, but this bothered me: "You may not believe that vaccines cause autism but you don’t know the whole story because you haven’t looked deep enough. You listen to what your doctor, the CDC and the media tell you to believe. You swallow blanket statements about a subject that you have no real knowledge on."

  3. Thank you for voicing your story. You have definetly raised by suspicions. I feel like I will be more questioning of anything that touches my child, so thank you.

  4. My dear woman, my heart pours out to you. Hopefully, your words will be heard and change the minds of many parents regarding vaccinating their children. I refuse to vaccinate my daughter. She is a thriving and healthy 12 year old. Your words are needed and will hopefully be heeded by many. Vaccines are big Pharma making millions...among other evils. Thank you again.

  5. The gratitude for the loss you suffered is astounding. I have two children that received some vaccines, but I had my eyes opened. My last 3 have never glimpsed a needle. I truly wish you had not paid the price you did, but I am glad that your story is out there. Hopefully someone that is currently vaccinating will read this and it will be one (among many) that makes them stop. May God be with you and your beautiful child. God Bless you both!

  6. I think this is what happened to my son. I didn't know vaccines could do this. I didn't know you could opt out vaccinating your children. Where can I find more information?

  7. I think this is what happened to my son. I didn't know vaccines did this. I didn't know you could opt out vaccinating your children. I need more information on this. Can someone send me in the right direction?

    1. Yes you can opt out, unless you are in Mississippi or West Virginia. All state have exemptions, and rules to follow to get that exemption. REGARDLESS you DO NOT have to follow the CDC's guideline, this is your child, trust me the people who damage your child will not be paying for his support when the damage is done. is a place to start with answers to all your questions, from how to undo this to what are the real vaccine facts. NVIC has a state by state list of rule for exemptions. Good luck. read my son's story of how I was told he was damaged...did we get compensation? NOT ONE DIME!

    2. Hello Elizabeth, where do you live? In Canada, vaccines are not mandatory, and in fact only 3 Provinces require exemption forms to attend school. In the United States, vaccines are also not mandatory and I believe that every state has exemptions available. I have a blog post that helps people to begin researching vaccines, I will link it below. If you have Facebook, please feel free to send me a personal message and I will help you out in any way that I can. I can offer resources, explanation, discussion, etc.

    3. hi elizabeth

  8. I needed to read this. I have 3 children...I had both of my older girls vaccinated, and I always hated it. I always felt like I was doing something wrong. I should have went with my gut. I have an 8 month old son and only got him vaccinated at his 2 month appointment. I have been freaking out because I don't want him to get vaccinated again...but then in the back of my mind, there is that part of me, the part that has been told my whole life that vaccinating is good for us and will help us against nasty diseases. I don't know if I believe that. I am supposed to get my son caught up on his shots, but I just can't bring myself to do it. But I also feel guilty that I did that to my girls. They don't have any issues as far as I know. Can you really opt out of getting them vaccinated? I am so very sorry for what has happened to your child. That breaks my heart for you both. Thank you so much for your thoughts and feelings on this.

    1. YES every state in USA has exemptions. Find your state and read the law! You will be bullied, have a guilt trip, you name it but if you are researched into the matter, you won't have any issues with the snide remarks and idiotic statements. In fact you can throw a few questions back at them and watch that 'deer in the headlights stare' followed by an I don't know response. 12 years strong with mine.

  9. Elizabeth-
    Check out the following sites:
    The Thinking Mom's Revolution
    Bio-Med Heals
    Baby (Food) steps
    ARI (Autism Research Institute)
    The Canary Party
    TACA (Talk about Curing Autism)
    Epidemic Answers
    Adventures in Autism (GInger Taylor's blog)

    And get a copy of the book Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Dr. Campbell-McBride

    That should all send you in the right direction, which is towards recovery.

  10. I am a mother who happens to be on state assistance right now because times in Michigan have gotten bad for my family.
    I was threatened with CPS action if I failed to vaccinate my children as well as loss of any kind of assistance from the state permanently.
    So what am I to do? What choice do I have?
    I don't get a choice, I have to vaccinate to make sure my children have health care right now so when they get sick they can go to the doctor instead of me trying to nurse them back to health at home.
    So many people right now don't even look into this stuff because frankly we do NOT have a choice.

  11. DANG RIGHT ON!!! Every year in October which is Vaccine Damage Awareness Month I post a challenge on facebook for vaccine supporting people to choose one family who had a child damage by vaccines to thank and show support to...including my own's NEVER HAPPENED!! Not one person has ever said a kind work to John. Here our take, read share repost..get the word out we are PISSED OFF Passing this post far and wide! Thank you.

  12. RIGHT ON!! Outstanding post, one I'll pass far and wide. Every October which is Vaccine Damage Awareness month I post a challenge on facebook for the vaccine loving people out there to support just one child who has suffered vaccine damage, to thank them, and do an act of kindness for the family. NOT ONE TIME has it happened, not even to my own son. Here is my take and story, read, pass, share, help us get the word out!

  13. This is absolutely heartbreaking, Anonymous mother. I am so sorry that your son was damaged for life under false pretenses, and that you had to witness your child never coming back. I wish so much that there was anything I could do to change your past, and it breaks my heart that I cannot. Your story gives me even more reason to do what I do, and that is to help parents make informed decisions in regards to vaccines. Most truly do not know better, and I was one of those people - but am so very lucky to have my child escape injury free, where so many other parents were not as lucky. My heart aches that there are children in the world being used as test subjects, sacrificed for greed, and I try each day to help one more person realize that there is more to vaccines than they think. Thank you for sharing your story, and for spreading awareness. It took courage to stand up against such a widely held belief.

  14. Elizaber Biser, start by going to the National Vaccine Information Center, That is a great place to begin your research and education.

  15. I'd like to see the research you're talking about. The only paper I have on autism and vaccines is terrible. Basically the researcher interviewed families with autistic children and asked "Hey... so do you think the autism started when the vaccine happened?" And parents were like "Ya... maybe?" And then he concluded that maybe, possibly vaccines cause autism.
    I haven't seen any papers with controlled groups or double blind research or anything concrete. Just that one that's full of conjecture.
    Anyway, so I would really appreciate having the papers you're talking about, please?

    1. A beginner spot is here:

      Good luck on your research!

  16. Keep telling your story! So sorry for your son, but many of us, like myself, are out here studying prior to having children, the many reasons why we won't vaccinate. Just 1 out of dozens of reasons but keep telling it. Studying for 15 year, have a 12 yr old (11,2,1). We won't be dealing with that Medical Mafia Bribery. The proof is in the statistics! Before I get bashed:
    Common substances found in vaccines include:
    For children with a prior history of allergic reactions to any of these substances in vaccines, parents should consult their child’s healthcare provider before vaccination. (Prior history? What about first dose & first exposure to such substances?) -- Why should we believe that an ever-expanding, untested, one-size-fits all vaccine schedule is fine for every child?

    FDA has never tested aluminium because of some paid for rule called GRAS, OR GENERALLY REGARDED AS SAFE --

    Thimerosal in Vaccines

    “The US Public Health Service (USPHS), the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and vaccine manufacturers agree that thimerosal-containing vaccines should be removed as soon as possible.”

    But based on estimates for 2012-2013, approximately 86 million doses of Thimerosal preserved flu vaccine will be distributed in the United States.

    Immunologic Adjuvants in Vaccines:

    MFG MERCK side effects to vaccine (brain injuries like encephalopathy TRIGGERED by vaccines)

    Cases with strong documented medical evidence of specific mechanisms such as Bailey Banks (ADEM) and Hannah Poling (mitochondrial disorder).
    ANOTHER: Benjamin Zeller, deciding that as a result of the MMR vaccination received on 17 November 2004, Benjamin, suffered persistent, intractable seizures, encephalopathy, and developmental delay [US Court Rules In Favour Of Family In MMR Vaccine Case Ben Zeller J].

    The U.S. Federal Government’s National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP)

    National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act - Vaccine Injury Table - Vaccine/ Adverse Event/ Time Interval

    Injury Compensation -NVIC

    The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program: A Failed Experiment in Tort Reform?

    Can't Sue Drug Companies for Vaccine Defects Rules Supreme Court, (The case, Bruesewitz v. Wyeth)

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