Friday, January 21, 2011

Circumcision Disrupts Breastfeeding

Did you know? Routine infant circumcision can disrupt the early breastfeeding relationship. The pain and trauma (psychological and physical) can make it difficult for the infant to suckle. Some infants will reject the breast, arch their backs and cry in pain. If anesthetic products were used, it can make the infant groggy or sick.

I commonly hear parents dismiss circumcision complications by claiming their son was gifted with the plastibell procedure.

What is the plastibell procedure? People wrongly believe that the plastibell replaces surgery on the penis or is somehow less traumatizing. It quickly became popular and if you debate online, you might notice parents bragging that, "My son was done with the plastibell so his didn't hurt" or similar statements.

You can watch a pro-circumcision plastibell procedure here:

Risks and complications related to the plastibell method:

This page is clearly "biased" but regardless of that, authoritative, medical citations are provided, divided by the type of disruption caused by circumcision.

You can find many more links related to circumcision on my big post:


  1. This is the Number 1 reason I wouldn't circ my first son 3 years ago. Since then I have learned many more reasons, but it still remains a close issue.

    When my second son was born, and I was talking to our new pedi, she had never heard of this, and she is anti-circ.

  2. Very very true. I wish I had known that allowing my son to be circ'ed would cause a disruption in his early nursing. After his procedure, he didn't nurse for many hours, which had me worried to no end. It ended well, though, and we are still nursing at 18 months, but I can see how it could cause big problems.

    I say it every chance I get...I wish I had not circ'ed. I questioned it during my pregnancy because I knew it didn't make sense, but had no real support and my husband wanted it done. I guess no parent is without mistakes, but I will never forgive myself for not fighting harder for my son.

  3. Wow, I NEVER had that problem with either son right after their circ's. so it DOESN'T happen to every boy. and guess my boys were the lucky % that it didn't affect

  4. It may not happen to EVERY boy, but EVERY boy who has been cut has been PERMANENTLY damaged.