Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Fox who Lost his Tail in America

"This classic fable by Aesop has a rather unexpectedly poignant message for today's American society. 

Original Idea:

Today I want to address a topic that is not often talked about in our culture as much as it should: mastectomy. Even today in this modern medical age there are many women who struggle with problems that would be cured by simply undergoing the procedure but they simply don't know enough about it. If you are still unmastectomied then you should be aware of the many benefits of having a mastectomy performed safely by your doctor.

Most men prefer the aesthetically pleasing streamlined look that mastectomy provides because it looks more natural while they are generally repulsed by unmastectomied women because they don't look normal. It has happened many times where men refuse to be with an unmastectomied woman until she gets that fixed. Mastectomied women also have less body and less potentially bacteria trapping skinfolds than unmastectomied women. This makes it less time consuming to wash and easier to keep themselves clean. Also mastectomied women get almost no breast cancer and we all know how many women each year get breast cancer[relatively common].

For those of you who will be parents someday, there are many benefits to having your daughter's mammary glands excised as an infant. If your daughter is not mastectomied at birth then she will probably only have to have it done later which would be much more traumatic. If she grows up unmastectomied she will feel different and be made fun of by all the other mastectomied girls, which could emotionally scar her. Parents have the right to make decisions that are in the best interest of their child since we can't expect a baby to understand the value of being mastectomied. If your daughter ever expresses concern over having natural normal and healthy body parts removed without her consent, tell her it was for health reasons and that she should be thankful to have had it done before they inevitably caused problems.

Since mastectomy provides women with so many health appearance and sexual benefits, especially if it is done at birth, it's hard to imagine why anyone wouldn't want it done. The design of the female body is inherently flawed and requires surgical correction to achieve optimum perfection. Besides, breasts are just plain gross. So for those of you unfortunate enough to still have your breasts consult your doctor right away about having them amputated.


Do the arguments used to persuade you to cut off a natural functional and healthy part of yours and/or your daughter's body, sound absurd to you?

The same arguments were/will be used to persuade you to cut off a natural functional and healthy part of yours and/or your son's body."


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