Friday, March 18, 2011

The Cost of Circumcision

Sometimes when people hear that circumcision is an industry or a profitable business, they shake their heads and retort, “Circumcision is only $400 a pop in my area! How is that profitable?”

Well, first, hundreds of dollars per circumcision adds up when it comes to millions of babies being circumcised nation-wide annually.

But how else do doctors, hospitals and industries profit from routine circumcision?

They profit from supplies, including circumstraints, clamps and hemostats, Vaseline, anesthetics, etc.

See descriptions and photos of supplies here:

They profit from emergency room visits for hemorrhage and infection after the operation.

It only takes a few ounces for an infant to hemorrhage:

They profit from funeral supplies/arrangements for the hundreds of babies who die from circumcision:

They profit from foreskin sales as infant foreskins provide pliable cells for cosmetics and skin grafts, cosmetic testing and medication:

They profit from repairing disfiguring circumcisions or circumcision complications that can require multiple surgeries and post-operative doctor visits.

See a list of circumcision complications here:

They profit from formula sales and formula supply sales as circumcision can disrupt the breastfeeding relationship:

They profit from Tylenol or other pain medication sales for post-operative pain or for pain from infection and complications.

Study confirms circumcised babies remember pain:

Later in life, the economic repercussions of circumcision can be seen in many ways.
They profit from lubrication and sex tools/toys to replace the gliding motion of the missing foreskin.

This sex toy replicates some of what is lost due to circumcision:

They profit from Viagra sales due to sexual dysfunction from the calloused glans.

For a collection of links on Viagra sales (highest in America), how circumcision causes Erectile Dysfunction and related studies, check this site out:

They profit from increased STD transmission/cases because the immune function of the foreskin is removed during circumcision:

They profit from divorces due to sexual dysfunction or dissatisfaction.

Read candid stories about relationships affected by circumcision here:

Females affected by circumcision also spend money on therapy, doctor visits, tools, books and other resources:

Restoration supplies are becoming more and more popular because as men age, the detriments of circumcision become more apparent.

You can buy faux foreskins here:

Circumcision is not only profitable one time to a surgeon. It continues to be profitable for a variety of industries throughout the man’s life. At the same time, the personal “cost” of circumcision is immeasurable as it impacts relationships, marriages, children and cultural attitudes about unconditional love, self-esteem and the value of the human body and human sexuality.

Is peace the cost of circumcision (along with all other violent acts against babies)?

Circumcisers profit from harming ourselves, our children, our relationships, our communities, our society and ultimately, our world.

Parents often want to know how much circumcision will cost them.
Maybe they should be asking how much it will cost their son.

Are you questioning circumcision?

Use the circumcision decision maker for a simple breakdown of the issue:

Circumcised fathers keeping their sons whole can find support here:
“Sometimes the poorest man leaves his children the richest inheritance.” ~Ruth E. Renkel

A pro-circumcision educational video:

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  1. Aww, yes, when we start to connect the dots, we can see how many ways circumcision affects people. What the real costs are. Why it's perpetuated. Profit is a strong motivator. Circumcision does not benefit it's victims. But it certainly benefits those who get their share of the circumcision industry pie.

  2. The cost is too high. But, as a son who was circumcised at birth, I would gladly pay that cost in order to avoid having part of my penis cut off at birth. *sigh*

  3. Amen, Tally. I only wish my husband's parents had insisted he be left alone. :'(

  4. Hi Guggie,

    I hope you will join me on my blog too:


  5. There is an organization that is testing as we speak to reverse this terrible practice and actually regrow the foreskin completely at 100%. Here is the Web link

  6. There is an organization that is testing right now to reverse this horrible practice and actually regenerate foreskin at 100% completely. Here is the Web link