Wednesday, March 23, 2011

With a Knickknack, Paddywhack, Give a Dog a Bone....

If you’re looking for a real conspiracy,
Take a look how vaccinations
makes Autism sweep the nation.
And the CDC keeps spinning fantasy.

Into Vaccine court your case shall be thrown,
so you fight for 10 years just to get a bone.
Pharma's legally protected 
from the damage they've injected.
Now take your damaged children back on home.

Who will take good care of our kids?
We see the future, & darker it gets.
When we are old & gray,
and start to pass away,
Will you throw ‘em in the streets just like the Vets?


We're the Teflon Dons of Big Pharma.
We own Congress, FDA, & CDC.
They cover our asses
cause we're the highest classes.
They love our contribution bribery. 

We nobles care not for social issues.
What divides you only gives us glee.
We take delight,
when you're busy with some fight,
we grab more wealth & leave you poverty.

We are the upper ruling class.
Wealth & power we steadily amass.
We steal our fill,
your grandchildren pay the bill.
Cause our balls are made of solid brass.

Oh you sons of the Aryan Nation,
and you children from Africa's scene,
you Asian, & Mexican chap,
hatred's just a trap
set by the few who hoard the Green.

It's our private Bank, the Fed Reserve.
We're men of vast wealth & cool nerve.
We're the Banking Elite,
You're the dirt beneath our feet.
It's our interests your Government will serve.

We're the men who make Presidents comply,
and Senators by the dozen we buy.
Obama, Clinton, McCain,
to us they're all the same.
The day they move against us they will die.

We're enforcers of the IRS.
The rules we've made confusing, we confess.
You are guilty on the spot,
if you cannot prove you're not,
we will seize all the things that you possess.

Corp'rate Tax breaks, but few for you & me
That's the “Trickle Down” the-o-ry.
My job has gone to sea.
So, now it seems to me ,
all that trickles down is pee,

The storms bring Corexit far ashore.
Gulf cleanup? We're done with that chore.
The thousands of sick,
well, they're just up the crick.
BP won't pay out anymore.

We are the First Americans.
It's time for you whites to make amends.
Pay respect to our nation,
come see our reservation,
and casinos where the scalping never ends.

I'm a Congressman from another State,
You hate me, but you think that yours is great.
I think his Pork is fine,
and he votes yes for mine. 
Together we increase the debt growth rate.

If your problem is Alcohol,
my advice is do not stall.
Do a Google search today
of Pyr-o-lur-i-a.
It's infection, not genetic after all.

Lohan, Gibson, Spears, & Sheen,
you have problems, as we have all seen.
Google it today
Mega dose with B6 and stay clean.

All Religions' destruction's very near.
Their wickedness in everything is clear.
When the Nations confiscate,
their ill-gotten Real Estate,
the Angels will shout a great big cheer.

Here's my story that I would like to tell.
'bout two men, that I love very well.
Jesus saved my life,
and my best friend took my wife.
And both of them delivered me from hell.

This song is copyrighted, 2010, Michael Kohloff.

Michael enjoys networking on Facebook, so send him a request!

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