Monday, May 23, 2011

Confessions of a Mom who Birthed Quickly at Home

©Renae Clements 2011. Renae shares her second birth experience, a mid-wife assisted homebirth in Australia:

”My second daughter,
Araminta Lael:

The day things started, we had a very emotional experience with lots of tears and me not feeling looked after. We had a big talk and I was able to make Moose see how I felt. So after that I decided that the 3 of us needed to go for a walk. We are lucky enough to live on 22 acres of lovely Australian bush and we headed off into that for a wander. We rambled around for an hour or so, checking out all the water the rain had put into the dams then right down to the front of the property so I could do the big walk back up the driveway. I did not have any real contractions the whole way but lots of really tight BH. When we got back to the house I had a nap, waking up to dinner being ready!

After that was a pretty uneventful evening until I went to the loo before bed and lo and behold there was a mucus plug! This was at 11pm. I sent a text message to my 2 midwives and my friend Emma who was to be our support. I wasn't feeling anything yet but was giving them a heads up just in case. 

So Moose and I pottered round for a while getting the last few things ready and then I though I had better try to get some sleep. Of course I was too excited and did not drop off till after 2.30am. At 4am on the dot I was awakened by a rip roaring contraction! YAY! When that one was done I waited for the next one, which came 5 minutes later. I started timing them with contraction master and they were 5mins apart, 45secs to 1min long and they were HARD! So I hopped up out of bed to start moving, thinking I would not wake Moose up yet as it would be a while. 

I laboured round the lounge and kitchen for an hour by myself and when I started thinking that I could just put myself in the car and take myself to the hospital for an epidural, I figured that it was probably time to wake Moose! 

He was up straight away and it was about this time that Lilsa woke up as by this stage I was moaning loudly through each contraction. Moose said maybe it was time to call the midwives. I told them not to hurry! Luckily they did not listen to me. I also sent another text to Emma telling her to head over.

I hopped into the shower for a while then came out and things were getting pretty intense by this stage and all I could do was lie on the mattress through each contraction. I was most comfortable on my left side. Moose was there to hold my hand through a few contractions but Lilsa was up out of bed at about 6am and she needed him more than I did. I do remember at one stage saying to him that I was struggling a bit and he just held my hand and said that I was strong and could do this. Bless his soul it was all I needed. 

At about 6.30 Louise, our primary midwife, arrived. She later said to me that she thought things had slowed down as I was really serene lying on the bed and I looked up at her and smiled. She sat down next to me, I grabbed her hand, had another rip roaring contraction and that was when she knew it was happening!

Shortly after this our second midwife Kate arrived at the same time as Emma. I remember looking up and seeing Kate standing by the bed calmly talking to me through each contraction saying I could do this and I was going to birth my baby. Her voice became an anchor for me. 

I got up to go for a pee but of course could not. I had a contraction on the toilet which was really uncomfortable so I headed back to the bed and had another contraction on the way out of the bathroom after which Louise asked me if I was feeling pushy, to which I replied, "I think so." I had never felt pushy with Lilsa's birth. I headed back to the lounge and the bed. 

I settled on my back but with my right leg bent and was pushed over a little onto my side. Emma was on my right and I was holding her hand. Contractions were about 30 seconds apart at this point and between each one I kept saying I wanted to get in the water was the pool filled up yet. Soon, soon, they kept telling me. HAH! Then I started saying I couldn't do it and I didn't want to do it aand they all replied that I was doing it! Than Kate looked at me and said she could see bulging waters and I was going to have my baby soon. On the next contraction they burst. Moose said later that I got the TV! 

I then had an overwhelming urge to push and I felt her head enter the birth canal. I reached down and could feel her and on the next contraction pushed out her head and half her body. Louise was there to catch her and she looked at me as I was looking at her in shock, "So quick?!!" was all I could think since I pushed for 5hrs with Lilsa.

Louise asked me to give a little push and the rest of her slid out easily and Louise put her on my chest. I DID IT!!! She was born at 7.11am, 3hrs and 11mins after my first contraction. We didn't weigh her for a couple of hours but she was 9lb 14oz when we did but this was after a couple of big mec poos so the midwives think probably over ten at birth. I'm happy to stick with 9.14!

Lilsa, Moose and I checked whether boy or girl after a few minutes but I knew when I saw her face that she was Araminta. Lilsa saw the whole thing and I later heard her say, "It was very exciting watching the baby come out of mummy's vagina." 

The placenta took a couple of hours and it was big and healthy. We were all very content; she was feeding very well and sleeping well.”

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