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7 Reasons You Should Refuse or Delay Vaccines

When it comes to kids and vaccines, I get nervous about the misinformation and lack of information available to parents. So when I come across an article that makes vaccines the default instead of an intact immune system, I can’t help but use it for my Parody Series. The parody below is based off this link:


Here are seven reasons parents should not vaccinate their children. I'm not sure they will change anyone's mind who is adamantly supportive of vaccines, but for some, who are stuck somewhere in the middle of the debate, they provide some good research points:

1. You Make Your Child Vulnerable to Infections When They Need the Most Protection
You wouldn’t risk leaving your baby in a room full of other sick babies or deliberately expose your baby to several illnesses at the same time, so why would you choose to vaccinate?

We know that young children -- infants in particular -- are vulnerable to whooping cough (pertussis),Hemophilus influenzae B (HiB), and pneumococcal infections. It has been proven that adults (especially mothers) are the major source of whooping cough in their children. Also, Hib, pneumococcus, and meningococcus can be carried in the back of your throat without causing any symptoms to you and still result in severe infection, or death, for your baby. Infection of the brain, deafness, developmental delay, swelling of the throat with suffocation, severe pneumonia, internal bleeding, and death are all known and rare complications of these infections, even in the era of modern medicine and despite widespread vaccination.

Some parents argue that if everybody close to their baby is vaccinated, then their baby will stay protected. Unfortunately, this idea hasn’t been proven. The maker of the vaccine for whooping cough admits this in their brochure on page 5: “It is unknown whether immunizing adults and adolescents against Pertussis will reduce the risk of transmission to infants.”

 Vaccines have varying rates of efficacy in the population as a whole, and lower or more sporadic rates in the individual. So they might or might not provide adequate immunity. But even if they do, for many of these illnesses, the time when your child most needs protection is over by the time your child has been fully vaccinated.

For example, whooping cough is most severe before 6 months of age, but according to the CDC schedule, the Dtap vaccine series is not completed until 4-6 years of age, with the third dose being completed AT the 6 month well baby visit.

As I said above, adults can be carriers of infections that might cause rare complications without knowing it due to the nature of some vaccines. Whooping cough vaccines arguably reduce symptoms or make the symptoms appear to be another condition (such as allergies) but the vaccines have not been proven to stop transmission. All this does is prevent you from identifying sick people who might spread disease to your child. This helps to explain why 2/3 of Pertussis cases were in vaccinated people.

 And, although parents and grandparents may be committed to getting vaccinated, the very act of vaccinating can make them disease carriers. 

We also know that the majority of adults do not stay up to date on their vaccinations. This is particularly true of annual flu vaccinations -- and the flu still claims the lives of young children every year. In addition, measles cases crop up in vaccinated populations annually and the CDC has recommended a third dose to try stop this. So, your baby could be exposed to an illness from vaccinated or vaccine-free people despite asking everyone around you to get vaccinated and still choosing to vaccinate your child. 

As Angie Cierzniewski, vaccine disease epidemiologist points out, “We do see cases of kids appropriately vaccinated who still get the disease.”

2. Vaccines Haven’t Eradicated Disease or Transmission of Disease

Outbreaks of certain diseases, such as measles, are predictably re-emerging despite widespread vaccination. 

Last week, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there were 3 cases of measles, bringing the total cases for the year up to 130 for the population of America. The CDC reports this as a slight increase (9 cases in the running 4 weeks). They list other vaccine-related diseases as decreasing, including Pertussis, meningoccocal and mumps. You can see this information and more towards the end of the CDC’s weekly report. 

If you vaccinate your child, not only are you taking a gamble that the vaccine will “work” to stop infection, but you’re also gambling that your child won’t spread the disease to other children or contract the disease from the vaccine itself. Several vaccines are live-attenuated, meaning the vaccinated person spreads the disease in their feces or saliva. This is why the vaccine companies warn vaccinated individuals to avoid pregnant or very sick people for up to 6 weeks. Read the vaccine pamphlets to see for yourself.

In addition, schools will exclude your child if they appear sick from, or are exposed to, one of these vaccine-related infections regardless of vaccine status.

3. Vaccinations are not Proven Safe and Testing is Incomplete or Corrupt

All vaccines approved for babies and children have been studied, typically only by the vaccine companies themselves. They are all compared to themselves, meaning safety and efficacy is based on the new vaccine being compared to other vaccines on the schedule (and in some cases, they are compared to experimental vaccines! You can't make this stuff up.)

 Many parents worry about vaccine side effects. Common side effects are mild and include pain and redness at the site of injection or fever. Serious side effects from a vaccine such as allergic reactions, GBS, seizures, kidney failure, etc, are rare. It is important to remember that the risk of severe illnesses and complications from vaccine-related infections (e.g. measles, whooping cough, polio) seems to be the same or less than the vaccines. For example, whether your child is vaccinated for measles or contracts measles naturally or from the vaccine, encephalitis is a very rare complication for all three options.

The Mayoclinic admits that normal Rubella infections are so mild, they are often hard to notice. Seems like overkill to vaccinate when you read the complications associated with the MMR vaccine.

A comprehensive list of side effects of each vaccine are available for you on the CDC website.
Moreover, the CDC and FDA run the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) for vaccines once they are licensed and used by the public. There are no laws requiring doctors or hospitals to report adverse events and no regulations on this subject, so the scope of this project seems depressingly narrow. In fact, it’s estimated that only 1-10% of vaccine injuries are actually reported to VAERS. 

(Public Law 99-660: The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act
 Rosenthal S, Chen R. The reporting sensitivities of two passive surveillance systems
for vaccine adverse events. Am J Public Health 1995; 85: 1708-9.
Braun M. Vaccine adverse event reporting system (VAERS): usefulness and
limitations. Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School)

Anything we do in life has a risk. We know that the number one reason why children die in America is from a vehicle collision (car accident). Yet the CDC and NHTSA report that over 80% of carseats are not installed or used correctly. 

For some reason parents are terrified of mild childhood illnesses that have been shown to reduce allergies and cancer risk. But they casually place their child into a car everyday without using the carseat correctly. And rearfacing past one year, which has been shown to be 500% safer than forward facing, remains a hot debate! Shocking!

Serious vaccine injuries and serious complications of illness occur far less frequently than deaths due to car accidents, cancer, heart disease, congenital problems, and poisoning.

Fascinatingly, some risks that scare parents aren’t even realistic. For example, many of today’s parents believe in the urban legend that if their son contracted mumps before puberty, he would become infertile. It seems that we’ve lost our basic knowledge about these mild illnesses and squished several facts together to make a very scary boogeyman. A rare complication of mumps AFTER puberty is known as orchitis (swelling of the testicle) and this almost never involves both testicles. If left untreated, it can twist and swell to the point of reducing or eliminating fertility in that one testicle. The risk of permanent infertility from mumps is so small, the CDC could not formulate a statistic on it.

Vaccination is not proven safe or healthy for children. Children have suffered and died from being vaccinated. As a mother and a scientist, it is inconceivable to me how some parents will refuse to research this topic before choosing to vaccinate their healthy children.

4. Recent Media Concern About Autism Leaves Questions

Earlier this year the media officially dismissed claims made by British physician and researcher, Andrew Wakefield, that the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine might be increasing GI complications in children with Autism. It was widely shouted that Dr. Wakefield’s claims were not only wrong, but they were fraudulent. Dr. Wakefield was accused of manipulating his research data, receiving financial compensation from lawyers seeking settlement from vaccine manufactures, and conducting unethical research on young children to pursue his personal goals.

Unfortunately, due to the massive scare and misinformation related to focusing too much on Dr. Wakefield, several other big contenders have amazingly slipped past the media’s attention. Take, for example, Paul Thorsen, who helped the CDC write studies claiming that autism is not connected to vaccines. He also embezzled money and left the country. Try finding a large media source for that story!

And in current news, Rupert Murdoch, who played a part in vilifying Dr. Wakefield in the Sunday Times (a paper managed by Rupert Murdoch’s son, James Murdoch, who is also on the board of GlaxoSmithKline, the company that makes the MMR vaccine) has just confessed to a hacking scandal. You can listen to him here.

Corruption, greed and fake studies are nothing new in the pharmaceutical world. It’s so widespread and accepted that even the World Health Organization (WHO) called for changes.

So it’s interesting that only Wakefield was dragged through the mud in the media, lost his credibility and lost his medical license. Even more concerning is the way the parents and children are ignored. Children are still being diagnosed with autism at an alarming rate, and many of them might very well have painful complications that are not being treated. Parents can’t put this troubling concern to rest, especially in light of the many studies pointing to damage from vaccines. 

5. Your Child Is not Ready for Vaccination

Perhaps the biggest question of all is why vaccination has become the default despite being introduced before gold-standard studies. The immune system is complex and the interaction between the placenta and the baby, and then human milk and the baby is something scientists are still struggling to understand. We’ve recently learned that something as seemingly benign as kissing your baby’s face has important immune functions.   Human milk is so effective at finding pathogens and destroying them that scientists are recommending mothers delay breastfeeding around vaccines. I'm not joking.  Perhaps the saddest thing about this desperate attempt to make artificial immunity the default is that natural immunity is more effective at fighting vaccine-related illnesses.

It’s commonly accepted that the developing immune system does not finish its first stage until around 2 years of age. And yet the majority of vaccines are given before that age. The assumption is that this is healthy, safe and beneficial. That is an assumption not proven or tested.

For those interested in an introduction to the immune system and vaccine theory, this nine-page article provides a lot of insight.

Why do parents and doctors assume that newborns, and EVERY newborn for that matter, are ready to handle vaccinations? This seems contradictory. Why do parents think infants cannot handle childhood illnesses, but then they are perfectly okay with injecting those childhood illnesses (several at a time) into their bodies? Vaccines don’t work perfectly on a population or individual basis and all the vaccinations together have NEVER been studied.

Parents have no gold-standard studies to show them that vaccines are safe for their child’s developing immune system. Every day your child is exposed through skin, breathing, and eating to millions of viruses and bacteria, and his or her body is handling it just fine, as it is supposed to handle it. Compare that to vaccination, which bypasses the majority of the child’s immune system, depositing genetically modified, broken pieces of viruses directly and deeply into the body. Is this healthy? Should we assume yes?

6. Vaccinated Children Die Every Year From Vaccine-related Illnesses

A number of children die every year, even right here in the United States, even if they were being vaccinated. The flu, Hib and pertussis (whooping cough) are just a few of those killers. California experienced large whooping cough outbreaks from 2009 to 2010. Sadly, some of those infants from vaccinating families lost their lives. I can’t imagine the excruciating pain a parent must feel knowing their child died from a complication even after taking the risk of vaccination.
7.  The CDC’s Recommended Vaccination Schedule is not Backed by Evidence

Although individual vaccines, or individual ingredients, and even some combination shots have been epidemiologically studied, the CDC’s vaccination schedule has not been scientifically studied for safety or efficacy.

Additionally, most of the studies performed were observational in nature, compared to a faux placebo or another vaccine, or had limited hypotheses. For example, many of the Autism studies only looked at one ingredient (Thimerosal) or compared kids who received a LOT of Thimerosal with kids who received LESS Thimerosal. The combination of vaccines and ingredients has never been authoritatively studied.

Do you worry about vaccinating your children? Do these reasons change your thinking? If you’re looking for more concrete information, please check out my resource pages:



Suffering from a vaccine reaction:


  1. Everyone has their own opinions and I'm not going to o through the 7 things and defend each one but #2 I would have to argue the fact that there is more outbreaks and more cases of children getting sick from these diseases and illnesses due to not being vaccinated! If there is now such a large group of children getting sick I believe it's because they are not getting vaccinated. I have four children and between my sisters and brothers there is 8 more children plus me and my 4 siblings which I was vaccinated starting in 1979 my siblings earlier ....plus all the children I have been around in my family close family friends great nieces and nephews I have, none of which had any bad affects from vaccinations and all have been vaccinated.

    I believe the small numbers getting sick are either rare occurrences or not vaccinated!!! As well I live in Canada where we have a much more strict policy on food and drugs a lot of things safe in the US or other countries cannot be sold here! Just my opinion!

    1. My brother had the measles and he was fully vaccinated. We both got chicken pox and whooping cough. Again, we were both fully vaccinated. Just so you know. You may "believe" that the kids getting these diseases are not vaccinated but it is probably better to find out if they actually were or not before jumping to a conclusion.

    2. My brother had the measles and he was fully vaccinated. We both got chicken pox and whooping cough. Again, we were both fully vaccinated. Just so you know. You may "believe" that the kids getting these diseases are not vaccinated but it is probably better to find out if they actually were or not before jumping to a conclusion.

    3. From my experience of working in a hospital, the children contracting these illnesses, measles, whooping cough, chicken pox are almost always amongst the vaccinated population- I keep heavy tabs on these stats... I'm yet to come across an unvaxxed child infected with these diseases...

  2. It IS a tough situation to puzzle out, b/c vaccine free people are in the minority.

    So, for example, if 200 students contract measles and 180 of them were fully vaccinated, sure, only 20 vaccine-free students contracted measles, but that's also an absolute number...the smaller number doesn't indicate they were less likely to contract an illness.

    BUT, that's missing the point...which is that vaccinated people still contract these diseases and still spread them to others. This is an important point that everyone deserves to know about when considering vaccines on behalf of a child. <3

  3. Thank you so much for posting this. My in-laws are upset that I don't vaccinate our daughters, but I don't trust vaccinations, not when I had such serious reactions to them as a child and my mom kept vaccinating (though I had seizures) until I stopped breathing. After that she stopped vaccinating me. I'm not even going to risk it with my kids.

  4. Susan, if you look at the statistics, many times that there are measles outbreaks or a couple of instances of polio or other infectious diseases, it happens in 100% vaccinated populations (meaning 100% of the people who get the disease were vaccinated.) Unvaccinated people are not spreading the diseases. Sometimes they happen to get them. But plenty of other times they are exposed and don't get them. I know this from personal experience. It goes back to the graph that shows how infectious diseases were on a steady downfall before vaccinations came out. After the development and beginning of mass vaccination, incidence of disease went slightly up and then continued back down on the SAME steady decline--never changed from the decline it had been on for years and years. Because we had learned so much about hygiene, bacteria and germs. Given all of this information and seeing what vaccine related injury looks like, there's no way I'm taking the chance with my kids.

  5. Thanks Guggie, this is great. We're not vaccinating our baby (or babies once we have more) and I am collecting everything about I can in case anyone comes up to me and asks: why not? So far, no one has, funnily enough. I think they all assume that we have vaccinated her. One mum I know asked and when I said we're not all she said was 'oh'. Nobody in my circle of mum-friends (that I know of) questioned vaccinations. They all took their babes to get shots. :(


  6. Thank you for sharing. We recently made the decision to stop vaccinating our children and to try to be more holistic. It was a tough decision to make but I believe we are doing the right thing and it is always nice to see someone that agrees with it.

  7. My husband teaches at a multi-national boarding school, and I often worry about who's carrying what back to campus when they visit home overseas. We recently had one kid (who actually is local) who had whooping cough, and was not vaccinated. At first I got worried, until I realize that the vaccine does not last a lifetime. So that means you can still get it, even though you've had the vaccine.

    I think parents need to be proactive and do their homework when it comes to anything that affects their child, especially vaccines. If something in your gut says "don't do this," then research it - don't just go along with it because you're essentially forced to. You'll quickly realize, if you ask the right questions, who in the medical profession is "drinking the Koolaid," and it *isn't* Dr. Sears.

  8. Great post...

    One thing I may add, is that some of the vaccines were tested against other vaccines which themselves were never tested in a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blinded clinical trial.
    These vaccines were grandfathered into the schedule, i.e. they were invented and widely used even before the concept of a modern clinical trial was invented.
    A good example is the DTP vaccine.

  9. Thank you for this. My oldest son was late receiving his 18 month vaccinations and the doctors decided to catch him up and give him all the vaccinations at once (I believe this was 7 or 8 vaccines). I was nervous because I had vague knowledge that vaccines had been linked with autism, psychological disorders, etc., but thought surely the doctors knew what was best for my son. Until this point, my son had been developing normally, if not a little advanced. He got a high fever from these vaccines and we ended up taking him back to the doctor the very next day out of concern of his fever. They told me it was normal and to come back if it had not resided in a few days. It did go away, but ever since my son has not been the same. It is as if his learning ability has halted from that point on. I can literally pinpoint the moment that this happened as being when he received his vaccines. Now, I fear he is displaying many autistic symptoms. The doctors have brought up autism a few times. We have him going to speech therapy...he is 2 1/2 now and is still very much stuck in an 18 month old's speech ability. As time has gone on with little improvement, I began to research and found your website. I am praying that if I stop the immunizations now with both of my children and get my oldest the therapy he needs he will recover. I am praying it isn't too late for my oldest and I am praying I haven't already done damage to my youngest as well with vaccines.

    1. Codi- Yours is a sad story. :-(
      Have you looked into detox for your son?

    2. Codi, I am so sorry:( hugs to you, Mama!

    3. I hope this can help: http://healthwyze.org/index.php/component/content/article/346-how-to-cure-autism-and-the-time-bomb-of-mercury-poisoning.html
      The sooner you try to take the mercury from the vacine out of the body of your son, the more chance you have to help him. hugs and love

    4. Codi, this is a story I have heard over and over again. For some reason, a child was unable to be vaccinated on time, so doctors decide to play catch up and give them all at once. And every time I have heard this story, it ends in "My child has autism." It breaks my heart, and has me seriously contemplating either delaying vaccinations for a couple of years or not getting them at all.

  10. Good article. It's good to be informed, on both sides.

    I've often wondered... why are there now new vaccinations that we have to inject into our children that were not necessary when we were children, say in the 1970s?

  11. Gblogger -

    Because we have had more time to create new, important vaccines? A lot has changed in the world of medicine since the 1970s, thank God! How fortunate are we that our children do not need to suffer through rotavirus, chickenpox or pneumococcal disease? As time goes on, there will be even more vaccines. I say - bring them on. As someone whose infant had RSV, I can tell you that I will dance in the streets the day that vaccine is made available.

  12. Maureen, are you being tongue in cheek, making fun of the inefficacy?

  13. I was vaccinated for varicella, and I got chicken pox. Twice.

  14. I have read all the comments here and I just want to thank everyone for sharing their opinions. This was a good post and an even better discussion. It has certainly given me lots to think about. Sending love your way, Barefoot Mama

  15. In observation of statistics...it seems there ARE more children displaying autism, hyperactivity, bi-polarism, ADD, and many other attention span difficulties... the list goes on and on in our modern day inoculated world. Ever wonder about that?
    I have a long list of ingredients used to inoculate our children. Some of them are...mercury,(which we all know is poison to our body and yet, we are told by the media, it's not dangerous)monkey blood...bovine growth hormone (also in EVERY dairy product to grow BIG like a cow...hence, obesity), horse urine, and even material from aborted human fetuses... YUCK!!!
    I was fortunate my children didn't have the horrible reactions to vaccinations children are suffering with today...although, 2 of my 3 children (who were vaccinated), are bi-polar and suffer with ADD...All 9 of my grandchildren suffer with ADD... It's heartbreaking to see the effects this required poison is having on the children... In this country, if vaccinating is against your religion, which should include, normal human growth, you don't have to vaccinate your child in order for them to go to public school... We must put a stop to our children being used as lab rats for study and the resulting hardships children have to endure because of these vaccines. Enough human suffering and maiming! Medical attention, medications and a lot of money is needed to try and fix problems these vaccines inflict on our children and their parents.
    As far as the flu vaccine... I haven't gotten a flu shot in 10 years. Oh, I had the flu once in these 10 years, but, I was only ill for 3 days. Nothing a little Nyquil (for rest) and a simple pain reliever (for aches and pains) couldn't handle... Medical scientists create flu viruses for the pharmaceutical companies and doctors so there will ALWAYS be a steady stream of people seeking medical help and medications. Created illnesses keep the medical businesses alive...This is how they know what kind of flu shot needs to be had.
    Ask your higher self(God)if you really want to take a chance with your child's quality of life being at risk to please the gov't, schools, and medical profession by giving in to unnecessary vaccines.
    Much Peace, Joy, Light and Love to ALL! NOW! :) <3

  16. My daughter is unvaccinated and never received any medications. she is very healthy and we live in a very polluted, third world city and she has constant contact with all the street kids and everyone. she got the measles once but she was just fine. i just breastfed her more- no big deal, actually it was almost unnoticeable. i think eating healthy, breastfeeding, and love go a long way to supporting a healthy immune system. i too am concerned about the long term effects of vaccines- cancer, etc. also does anyone know if there are studies linking vaccines with infertility? i know some of the ingredients in vaccines cause infertility but i have not seen any studies on this. just curious. i have many friends and family members who have been unable to become pregnant- all of which at least one of the partners is or was in the military and some who also travel abroad. i know the military requires regular vaccination. any thoughts?