Monday, July 11, 2011

Trying Homemade Pesto

After reading this simple recipe for pesto, it occurred to me that I had never made my own pesto before (not counting whatever random acts happened in early childhood.)

So we set out on a journey to make a Parmesan and pesto steak dinner.
Zon helped pour in the ingredients.

She was satisfied with the finished product.

And the meal was delicious.

I doubled the recipe so we have plenty left over for lunch tomorrow!


  1. It also freezes well. So next time make a double batch, put some in a tupperware, cover the top with a little olive oil, put the lid on and freeze! Fresh homemade Pesto anytime!

  2. Guggie, I just wanted to tell you that I recently suffered from "Pine Mouth" i.e. eating the poisonous pine nuts pinus armandii. These pine nuts are packaged with (mixed in with) regular ones and they are difficult to identify. After 10 days of only being able to taste bitter I am not very very cautious about pine nuts. I have since been making my pesto with cashews. Just giving you a heads up because pine mouth is really really awful and I am sure it's not good for you. I suspect that the bile taste is ones liver working overtime due to the poison. Just be really careful with pine nuts!

  3. Whoa, crazy! Thanks for sharing!