Saturday, April 9, 2011

WAPF Wednesdays

Join me in celebrating WAPF Wednesdays!

WAPF stands for Weston A Price Foundation. The history and concepts are loved or hated by some, but many of the nourishing traditions presented here are worth considering. We do not wholeheartedly follow WAPF as a rule. Nevertheless, I like emphasis on wholesome foods.

It can be easy to fall into the trap of only looking for toxins in our food. We know to look at the ingredient list and rule out "bad" ingredients.

The next step, however, is making sure the food we buy is nourishing. It's one thing to eat a food without toxins. It's another thing to eat food that nourishes our bodies.

That is the idea behind WAPF that I support and try to follow in my cooking. Every Wednesday we let the dairy and grain restriction go as we experiment with yummy WAPF meals.

Last Wednesday we enjoyed a feast for lunch:

Our delicious form of bruschetta: bread topped with pastured/organic butter, thick slices of tomatoes, raw cow cheese and organic basil from my brother's garden.
Pan-seared, organic pork sausages 
Blanched asparagus soaked in pastured/organic butter

Learn more about WAPF here: And consider joining us every Wednesday for a WAPF meal!


  1. Going to steal that bruschetta recipe for sure. The rest looks delicious too!!

  2. Mmmmmmm everything looks delicious Guggie!