Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Caption Contest Winner....

And the winner of the caption contest, who will also get a $20 book voucher, is.....

Brittany, owner of Mama's Felt Cafe

The runners up had great ideas, too! I think it would be fun if we make photos of each one and create a display haha. Maybe a Halloween activism project? Anyone handy with doing this want to partner?

The Mom: Informed

Amanda R
Kayttie H

"Someone who works here clearly has nothing better to do than to try and scare you into getting a flu shot. They are trying to pad their pockets. Do not be ghouled!" Amy Bauman 

"Take the time to research flu shots. Don't be spooked into getting one!" Jackie

"I got my flu shot (and all my other shots like a good boy!). Don't get yours!" Jen S

"Shouldn't have got that flu shot!" Stephanie R

"I got my flu shot, Don't get yours" Paula S

"Approximately 30,000 VAERS reports are filed annually, with 10-15% classified as serious (resulting in permanent disability, hospitalization, life-threatening illnesses or death)." Walter G

"Like got milk, got the flu shot?" Melissa P

"Friends dont let Friends get flu shots." Esther W

1 "Get your flu shot...all the cool kids are doing it." 
2 "I did my part to keep herd immunity, now it's *your* turn!"
3 "Big pharma wants YOU!" Jessica S

"I'm on the flu shot diet." Mike B

"A little flu shot couldn't hurt, COULD IT??" Charlise G

"‎"I can deal with my medical insurance´s waiting times for treatment. YOU can too!" Clara F

"Nobody dies from vaccines. Wait a minute..." Emily V

"Life vaccine -- Now they truly have a vaccine for everything!" Nicole H

"I did everything THEY told me to." Faith I

"Whoops, I got a flu shot. Run!" Lauren F

Thank you everyone for playing! I loved the variety, humor and wit of the responses! Tune in every Freebie Friday for a new giveaway or contest!

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