Thursday, September 15, 2011

Doppler Danger's Ultrasound List

Here's a new breakdown on some research published about neuron displacement:

These are a few of the links posted by Doppler Danger.

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“Don't stop researching when you find the answers you want. Please remember that there is absolutely no ethical way to PROVE that ultrasound, including dopplers, is safe for the unborn and there will be no funding for studies to prove that this cash cow is dangerous. Study the many ways this technology is applied and connect the dots.

Based on how they respond to it, we need to stop shooting sound waves at babies.  I had one ultrasound with one of my babies and cried the whole time because she kept turning her face right and left trying to get away from it but she was trapped. That experience made me more determined than ever to research this topic and share what I find.

Please share with your friends. If the actual data concerning babies doesn't change their minds, maybe just reading about the other uses of the technology would help them connect the dots. It cleans rust off pipes, it kills sperm, it heats muscles, and it changes the migratory patterns of whales. [Editor’s note: I understand a valid point here is that those other applications of ultrasound technology use a different level of waves. But this article is connected to Doppler Danger’s other comments on the full issue of ultrasound use in obstetrics. Her point is: safety levels have not been clearly established and safe regulations for all operating ultrasound machines have not been enforced, nor are machines correctly calibrated and inspected at all facilities routinely.]

If more mothers are experiencing strokes during pregnancy, birth and post-partum, could it be due to the ultrasound breaking up clots, as one of my brilliant students pointed out today? We need to take this seriously and not brush it off as another "birth choice" if there is potential to harm babies that outweighs the potential to help babies, should it be presented to mothers as a harmless choice? 

If the potential to help babies outweighs the potential to harm (and how the heck would we ever actually know that since we can neither predict or measure the potential harm to any individual baby at any given moment) then it would be appropriate use of technology but even then should be used only by those with calibrated machines under strict guidelines based on actual data. In other words, uncalibrated Dopplers would NOT be considered safe. Have you ever dropped the carrying bag with the Doppler in it? There goes the calibration.

Start with these links and if you find more that you think I should add to the list, please let me know.  Babies are worth our best efforts.” ~Doppler Danger

Also read Anne Frye's opinion on the topic in Holistic Midwifery

This won't hurt your baby.

This won't hurt your baby.

This won't hurt your baby.

But this one?

And this one? We just don't know for sure, and what we do know is very concerning.

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