Sunday, September 11, 2011

Relationship Books for Gentle Partnering

Every now and then I'm asked what books I appreciate for strengthening relationships. I'm happy when I receive this question, because Gentle Partnering sustains us and allows us to practice Gentle Parenting. We role model relationships to our children. And every relationship needs constant maintenance. It's not a good idea to take things for granted or wait until habits are too destructive to recover intimacy.

Please remember that DH and I are both practicing Catholics, so some of the books are from religious authors. I think you can still find great benefit in those particular authors, but wanted to give you fair notice.

This is my all time favorite book. He has a website as well: Marriagebuilders

He also has one for parents:

This one is great for breaking into the depths of bad habits:

The workbook:

For Christians and Catholics, Christopher West can be absolutely inspiring and life changing. He focuses on applying the concepts in John Paul's Theology of the Body: (this one seemed to be something that would help any individual and not just a couple) (Incidentally Popcak is Catholic and does not condone spanking for discipline. He's quoted in the Parenting Freedom article on the Biblical misinterpretation of Proverbs.) (If you can take an actual class, you won't regret it. Any person would benefit from the ideas and skills in this program.)

*I've linked amazon pages here merely to give you a quick look. They are not monetized links. You might find cheaper options on ebay, craigslist or perhaps at the local library.

We were so young and unsuspecting. :D HA!

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