Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Morning, as Seen in the Animal World

Full moon? Too much fun yesterday? Cosmic forces? Whatever the reason, my kids stayed up late then woke up as the sun was rising. Well, to be accurate, my toddler woke up shouting, "I WANT A BANANA" which then woke up the baby, who still looks very confused and disoriented from the experience.

They wouldn't be comforted. Wouldn't go back to sleep. And the worst part? WE ARE OUT OF BANANAS! Daddy's car is in the shop and he took the van. In an attempt to turn a despairing moment into a laughing moment, please enjoy a pictorial story of our morning using animal photos:

And so there you have it.


  1. Wow your morning was a lot different than mine. First I woke up and then prayed for poor Liam's mother that she may find peace and some joy after her tragic loss. And then I prayed that you would stop posting all of this crazy homebirth/anti-vacination stuff and that no other women will get tricked into thinking that homebirth is a viable safe option and that not vaccinating their children is somehow a good idea. Finally, I prayed that God will someday forgive you for misleading so many.

  2. You are very attracted to her story. I hope you find the help and healing that you deserve so that you can stop trying to lash out at others. I do not see anything hostile in your words, nor am I upset or hurt. But I am deeply worried and wish you would reveal your identity so that you can be referred to local agencies who can help you. I will go back to documenting but not publishing your comments from now on.

  3. Document away - I'm just calling you out for what you are. Very misinformed and your misinformation has the potential to hurt. Regardless of what you believe, it is wrong and unscientific. Science is not an opinion but facts and cutting and pasting links does not make your blog a study in science but instead a vehicle for the ignorant and I want you to think about what you are doing and think about all of the hurt children because their mothers may follow your blog and take your advice. This is a free country, you can post anything you want - but when children are hurt and mothers devastated at the very least you should take responsibility. Also have the guts to post an opposing opinion. .

  4. You know, you got me thinking. I don't need to delete anything. I think it serves me better to publish every single comment you write on here. It not only provides documentation for more eyes, but tracks just how obsessively you follow me and how frequently you post.

    Those who abuse others are nourished by darkness and secrecy. This last post of yours is astonishingly calm and coherent, though. Perhaps you sense that I am not going to continue enabling your abuse?