Monday, November 28, 2011

Winter Carseat Safety Resources

Here is a 2 year old, warmly rearfacing, straps snug over a thin, fleece jacket. Additional comfort provided by his favorite blanket.
It's that time of the year again, when the temperatures drop and we bundle up our children even for the short trek to the car. But have you thought twice about using that puffy coat or thick blanket? Compression in a vehicle collision can disable the safety functions of your child's carseat, resulting in injury or death. Check out the links below for more information on this chilling topic.

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"It is unsafe to put a thick coat, snowsuit or blanket under the harness (straps) of a carseat."

Check out this link for a simple test to see if the carseat is being used correctly:

It's not just a concern for small babies. Here is a photo tutorial showing an older child:

Hear it from a pediatrician and carseat expert. Tips on how to keep your child safe and warm:

Here is a photo tutorial showing what loose straps can do for your child:

Christie Haskell gives safe ideas:

Already spent money on that expensive Bundle Me product? Here is a photo tutorial on ways to make it safe:

Youtube videos worth watching:

 " keep your baby the safest, always remove bulky clothing or blankets before you place the child in the seat. Then, put the blanket or coat over the baby. You should never place anything thick underneath the baby, unless that item came with the car seat originally - which tells you it's been tested by the manufacturer. When a child is wearing a thick coat, it's hard to tell if you have a good harness fit, which is crucial. A coat can add a lot of slack, reducing the level of protection for your child in a crash." ~National Highway Safety Transportation Association NHTSA

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Canadians, even the coldest winter can still be safely battled. Here is little Briar from Alberta wearing her coat over the harness.
Nothing scary here! This forward facing Snow Fairy is wearing a warm, fleece jacket and using a blanket over the harness for additional comfort.


  1. please share this! Target promotes dangerous car seat use!

  2. Oh yeah, you mean their photo in a Britax w/ the belly clip? Terrible.

  3. Another option is to warm the car up before loading the kids. It’s cold here, too, and we don’t have a warm garage either. We put on thin coats with hats and mittens. And move quickly from the house to the car. Once in the car we either use puffy coats backwards or blankets. When it is extra cold, we put puffy coats on backwards to go from the house to the car. Layering of clothes is another great and safe way to keep them warmer