Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Congress and States Prepare for another Circumcision Battle


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Congress and States Prepare for another Circumcision Battle
MGMbill.org sends proposed genital mutilation legislation to Congress
and eleven state legislatures as the legal battle to regulate
circumcision heats up.

It is never okay to cut off a healthy body part from a minor
San Diego, CA (PRWEB) January 24, 2012

Children’s right activists from coast to coast have joined together
this month to press more than 2,200 lawmakers in Congress and eleven
states to enact the Male Genital Mutilation Bill. The proposed bill
would protect boys from forced circumcision the same way that girls
are protected under federal and state laws.

As director of MGMbill.org’s Florida office, Stacey Butler is leading
the effort in her state to make Section 794.08 of Florida’s Sexual
Battery Code gender neutral. “All children deserve to be protected
from forced genital cutting,” said Butler, a licensed practical nurse
and mother of three living in Palm Bay. “Although every girl in
America has a legal right to genital integrity, we still allow boys to
be circumcised for medically unnecessary reasons. That needs to
change. One person at a time, one child at a time, we will make a

Another mother from Lakeville, Minnesota, feels much the same way. “It
is never okay to cut off a healthy body part from a minor,” said
Kandace O’Neill, director of MGMbill.org’s Minnesota state office.
“I’m a part of the intactivist movement because I feel it’s very
important that people understand the gravity of what’s being done to
boys via infant circumcision. When it’s forced onto girls, we call it
‘genital mutilation’. Is it really any different when it’s forced onto
boys? I would argue that it is not. This is a human rights issue.”

Circumcision was one of the world’s top human rights issues of 2011.
In San Francisco, residents were all set to vote on a male genital
cutting ban when a judge struck the measure from the ballot over the
summer in response to a lawsuit filed by the circumcision lobby. Soon
after, California passed a statewide law forbidding all its cities and
counties from enacting similar ordinances.

The year also saw “Foreskin Man” become one of the most talked about
comic books in the press, and actor Russell Crowe created a media
firestorm in June when he publicly stated that “circumcision is
barbaric and stupid”. A few months later, the 40,000-member-strong
Royal Dutch Medical Association called on politicians, insurance
providers, and human rights organizations to help put an end to
circumcision, describing it as a “painful and harmful ritual”.

The debate over genital integrity is already spilling over into 2012.
After years of legal wrangling, Finland is once again treating
circumcision as a crime after convicting a ritual circumciser of
assault and battery earlier this month for circumcising two Muslim
boys. A battle is also brewing in Congress over a bill sponsored by
U.S. Rep. Brad Sherman, a Jewish circumcision proponent from Sherman
Oaks, California. Entitled the “Religious and Parental Rights Defense
Act”, H.R. 2400 would prevent any U.S. state or municipality from
prohibiting forced circumcision of minors.

Matthew Hess, president of MGMbill.org, said time is running out for
lawmakers to decide which side they are on. “Circumcision promoters
are attempting to enshrine the practice of mutilating a boy’s genitals
into U.S. law,” said Hess. “If H.R. 2400 passes, no U.S. state,
county, or city will be allowed to enact statutes that protect boys
from circumcision. I urge any state legislator who wants to sponsor
the MGM Bill to step forward now, because next year may be too late.”

In addition to submitting the MGM Bill proposal to all 541 members of
Congress this month, MGMbill.org submitted similar versions to every
state lawmaker in Alabama, California, Florida, Illinois, Maine,
Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, South Carolina, and


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