Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fighting a Different Cut


Fighting a different cut

In addition to serving as chief executive of Hudson Health Plan, Georgeanne Chapin has become a national presence in the fight against routine circumcision of newborn boys. She has become the face of Intact America, a nonprofit group that is pushing pediatricians and parents to stop what she calls "a malignant form of violence against children—forced genital cutting.”
Ms. Chapin, the group's executive director, argues that the practice of routine circumcision has no health benefit, is dangerous, and violates children's rights. She has made those points in national TV and radio broadcasts, in op-ed pieces in major papers from New York to Los Angeles, and on a blog she started recently. In her most recent post, Ms. Chapin takes on a Netherlands controversy in which animal-rights activists charged that practices in kosher and halal animal slaughter are cruel. She draws parallels with circumcision, saying it is a “ritual that involves a knife-wielding adult inflicting a painful, invasive and permanent wound on a helpless and non-consenting child.”
Among her institutional targets: the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Ms. Chapin declined to be interviewed for Pulse, but for more on her views visit The group operates under the auspices of the Hudson Center for Health Equity & Quality and was founded by Ms. Chapin in 2008.

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