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India and Polio

People keep asking about the Polio Eradication topic. So here is another perspective...

A summary of the topic:

"Public health experts also estimate that between 100 and 180 children in India develop vaccine-associated polio paralysis (VAPP) each year, a rare but serious side effect of the OPV (Oral-live Polio Vaccine) they had received to protect them from the wild poliovirus. As opposed to VDPV (Vaccine Derived Polio Virus) infection, VAPP affects the vaccinated children themselves."

The WHO claims: "India’s last polio victim was an 18-month-old girl in West Bengal, reported on January 13, 2011."

BUT then there's a source that reports another case of Polio in June 2011:

Here's what most people are hearing in the news:

Duke makes a good point:
They fail to mention the number of children who died in that same year because of injuries from the OPV (oral polio vaccine). The India Times had many stories of the children, here is just one of them: ***"The state health department has recorded an alarming 13 deaths in the 0-5 age group in the first five months of 2011, the highest in the corresponding period in last three years. The deaths were reported within 24 hours of the children being vaccinated, mostly after an oral polio vaccine was administered...The latest case was reported on May 15 when an infant in Kadapa died a day after she was vaccinated for DPT, polio and Hepatitis B. In all, six children died in different parts of the state between February and May this year after they were given the DPT, OPV and Hepatitis B shots. However, OPV was a fixture in all the 13 deaths, which have occurred so far this year. The official reason for the deaths as per government records: adverse events following immunisation. ... Doctors said that whenever a vaccine is administered, health professionals should have oxygen and anti-anphylaxis drugs within reach for inducing immunologic tolerance to avert complications. "These precautions are hardly taken," says Dr Ranganath."
Bushra Bazeeerat, Times of India -- 2011- 6- 2

But what is Polio? How is Polio diagnosed? What might be happening?

History repeats itself. And why not? It worked for Americans:

On that note...why IS the scary complication of Polio hanging around in underdeveloped countries?

'But the fact that came as a big shock to the experts was that around 24 per cent of children who were reported to have polio till November 2011 were those who had been given the vaccine ***seven or more times.*** !!!!!!!!!

'The percentage of children who were not vaccinated and contracted polio was 32 per cent. This particular information deserved more research, said the chief of the Division of Women and Child Health at AKUH, Dr Zulfiqar Ali Bhutta.

According to him, malnutrition, a Vitamin A deficiency and diarrhoea in children, could be the reasons why the vaccines were ineffective. “It is twice as likely that the polio vaccine does not convert in malnourished children,” Bhutta said.'

The Oral Polio Vaccine was pulled from the American schedule b/c
vaccinated individuals can spread it to others. Such as in cases when you have no clean

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