Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rearfacing to age 2?

"Is it a law now that I have to rearface my child until age 2?"

It is not yet a law. Laws are slow to change, although I have heard rumors that they will begin to change to reflect the updated science sometime in 2012.

This recommendation to continue to rearface past 1 year AND 20lbs is coming from the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics...doctors) and is backed by the CDC and NHTSA. It's based on science and studies showing that the longer toddlers remain rearfacing, the safer they are in all collision types, especially the most common frontal impact and side impact collisions.Here are my blog posts on the issue: 

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  1. We love our Sunshine Kids (Diono) car seats. I got them because you can rearface a child for so long. Our friends have actually made fun of us for having our 20 month old rearfacing. When we explained our reasoning they said, yea, but who does that? Um, we do, we want the best for our son and future kids so they will be rearfacing for a loooooong time. :)