Saturday, January 28, 2012

Unveiling the Placenta

Placentas are pretty cool organs. What else can you grow to that size and then push out without consequences? Besides the baby, I mean? LOL

Job Description: Mommy and Earthside Birth Photography also think the placenta is pretty cool.

It's also treated somewhat as an afterthought and many people don't know what it looks like after the birth. Perhaps that's why the photo was initially reported by random users to Facebook, resulting in its removal. Apparently some people thought the image was showing a baby crowning. :-p

Or perhaps it's more targeted trolling, seeing as how the image has been removed from several connected areas. Here's my warning:

(For those wanting to give the benefit of the doubt,
it should be noted that this image does not violate any FB policies).

Do you have any beautiful images of the placenta? Feel free to add them here or on my page.

Placenta resources:

My fave link:



    Not so much placenta pictures, but my face in the background as she's explaining what I'm looking at is priceless, lol. Enjoy!

  2. I shared that photo on my facebook. I will share it over and over if it gets removed from my page.

  3. I had two placenta pictures removed, here's the first one:

    And here is the second, a screenshot of Facebook telling me they removed it, and me telling everyone on my blog about it getting me a ban for 24 hours:

  4. I had this picture removed from facebook

  5. I had this picture of the placenta from my youngest daughter removed from facebook.