Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Educate Before You Vaccinate

I put together a summarized list from my blog posts due to popular demand on the topic of vaccines. If you're beginning to research the vaccination topic, these posts are probably the most helpful at building a foundation of basic information from a variety of sources (including pro-vaccine and government links).

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Everything you should know from the pro-vaccine and vaccine advocate experts:


This link will help you explore what you know about vaccines:


If you're feeling overwhelmed, here's a strategy for research and some books to read:


And here's a post on the first vaccine your child will receive at birth to jumpstart your research:


Facebook communities and pages

Here's my Facebook vaccine page:


My personal favorite:


An active page for support and questions:


I made this meme due to the frequent comments I hear about vaccinating parents avoiding vaccine-free children.
Do routine vaccinations truly make you feel better in life? Do they truly remove the fears? Do you fully trust them? 


  1. This is great -- thanks for putting together.

    I'm going to bookmark this and share it with the naysayers I keep coming across.

    The meme is a great touch!