Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I'm a Mom and I've had ENOUGH!

Alright. That's it.

I told my husband if one more woman says she wants to be "Mom enough like Guggie", I would write this post.

Mom enough? Cool enough? Hippie enough? Super crunchy? Birthing rockstar? Are you kidding me? What is this, an island reality TV show?

All the things that make me not awesome enough:

I have been known to eat Taco Bell.
Disposable razors. And not the natural ones dipped in gold.
Wake me up at 6 in the morning and try to Skype with me then.
I only bake for my kids on their birthdays. (Who said Paleo/raw was ONLY for the health benefits?!)
Mt. Laundry, now viewable on Google maps.
Disposable diapers for trips. And not always the compostable ones dipped in platinum.
Where are MY KEYS! You took my keys! Oh wait, here they are, in my pocket.
Maternity clothes. After birth.
On busy days, the play room magically turns into the room called "dump clutter and close door."
Wearing a wide headband instead of showering
Family Guy, Futurama, South Park, The Cleveland Show, Rooster Teeth
Chobani Chocolate Chunk Yogurt
Yelling, "MOOOOOVEEEEEE" at the slow lady in front of me on the highway
Pizza Hut buffet
Taking the kids to a new park so I have a few minutes to read before they declare it boring
Pajamas when the sun is up. Scratch that. Pajamas when the sun is going down.
My son has a pet ant.

I am not perfect. I am not "enough" meaning I have not reached some level of Zen parenting that I can now sit back, relax and sip an umbrella drink in my spotless house while my children play with handmade wooden toys and speak multilingually, as the grass-fed, organic steaks cook themselves on my eco stove.

Don't get me wrong. I know some things and I've experienced some things that I passionately want to share with others. I have days where my husband wakes us up and we sneak out to watch the sunrise, cuddled together as a family, the golden-pink rays flowing across the top of my daughter's bouncy curls as I struggle not to sob. I have moments where suddenly I know that I'm enlightened about an important concept or that I've finally mastered the skill of nursing two kids and using my foot to answer my mom calling on the iPhone.

But, oh, oh! I am sooooo far from perfect! I am soooo far from enough, and yet, just by being me, I am enough. And so are YOU.

We are not mom enough. We ARE moms. Period. We struggle, we cry, we flail our arms and want to give up, but then we see the beautiful souls of our children and we get up and we do it all over again. We mutter under our breath. We pretend to go to the bathroom for a moment of peace, which doesn't really work b/c they knock on the door or put their hands under the door crack. But we'll take it. We stay up late at night, listening to their little puff-puff breathing, while we tirelessly research medical literature, picking up more medical terminology and microbiology than a resident student. We don't get accolades for our academics. But we wouldn't have it any other way.

We catch poop and vomit with our hands. We run into the room 10 seconds before the newborn wakes up b/c we are that in tune. And yet, sometimes the answers evade us, as we crumple onto the floor in a ball, sobbing with a sobbing baby, tired and hopeless.

Are you mom enough? Have you had enough of this comparing and judging and endless spiraling of trying to make ourselves feel better by judging the norm to be extreme? Do you think everyone has a spotless house, perfect angels, all perfectly spaced, always healthy and kind? Do you think a mom out there exists who never bickers with her partner? Who never ever eats some junk food or opens a box to make dinner?

We are moms, who have had enough. We are moms, and that's enough. 

Let's get real. Sometimes I don't even bake for the birthday!

S'mores. And not the vegan kind.
Pizza Hut!
Chicken nuggets on PAPER PLATES with PLASTIC UTENSILS! At least they are organic? LOL
A mommy tummy with mommy stretch marks all over it

Plastic contraptions used sporadically
Using a *gasp* stroller! And licensed character clothing not handmade from hemp!


  1. I love your Mommy tummy with Mommy stretch marks.

    Though I prefer to call them "beauty marks"


    <3 Great post.

  2. i LOVE this. thank you so much! <3

  3. GOOD ONE!!! Thank you Guggie...I hope it helped you vent a little:) You are right about everything and I am one of those guilty ones , comparing myself to other moms, not as much as 15 years ago but still...and IT IS NOT HEALTHY!!! Thank you for reminding me I am a real mom of five and still a human...and that I'm not the only one running to the washroom to have a little break and space (or quietness) and I'm not the only one that lives by Mt. Laundry...I am MOM and I love my children...but sometimes, yes, I have enough...

  4. We all have things we wish we did differently. We all have regrets. We are all learning daily. If we didn't learn and grow THEN we would be less than enough.

  5. We all have strengths and weaknesses. We all make mistakes. We are all learning and growing. As long as we grow from the experiences we are enough. Best part is you have to screw up BAD not to have the unconditional love of our kids!

  6. Awesome Post!!!! I loved it!!!!!

  7. Oh my I laughed so hard at your list! I could almost repost it in my own blog, simply substitute Wendy's for Taco Bell... Thank you for 'outing' all of us non-perfect perfect mamas!

  8. Well said!!! Thank you so much :-)

  9. I do most of the things on that list too, and I'm fine with it. Everything in moderation!

  10. I love your mommy tummy. I have one too! I like your sayings at the end: We are moms, who have had enough. We are moms, and that's enough.

  11. Speaking of Taco Bell, that steak quesadilla is heaven. I mean, what is Taco Bell?