Monday, July 23, 2012

The Vaccination

The Vaccination
By Patricia Crutchfield

His trusting eyes looked up at me
He smiled his sweetest smile.
What a precious gift from God he was
My son, my first born child.

The nurse came in and weighed him,
Put a thermometer briefly in his ear.
Then she told me to take off his diaper
And expose his plump little rear.

I did as I was instructed
For I knew the procedure by now.
It’s time for his next vaccination
This time I won’t flinch, I vow.

The syringes and vials of the serums
Lay benignly on her sterile steel tray.
And though I try to watch her,
I find myself turning away.

His scream at the prick of the needle
Sends a bolt of pure terror through me.
Its animal like pitch was not normal
And I turned around quickly to see.

His beautiful body went rigid
Then spasmed again and again.
What’s happening to my poor baby?
And what can I do to help him?

I could sense the nurse’s pure panic
As she called out to the doctor to come.
The seconds that passed seems like hours
And where is that screaming coming from?

I open my eyes in a room filled with light
The silence a deafening roar.
My husband is standing beside me
He says everything's fine, but his tears tell me more.

I try to sit up, but I’m weary
Another needle pierces my arm.
I drift off once again into darkness
But my mind beats a steady alarm.

Two days and two nights I am sedated
Until now no one tells me why.
Then the doctor appears with my husband
And immediately I start to cry.

My most precious gift has been taken
He’ll never again be mine to hold.
His body once so warm and loving
Now lays on a slab icy cold.

I’m sorry, says the good doctor
A reaction we couldn’t foresee.
Please accept my sincerest condolence
I guess it was just meant to be.

Our son now plays with the angels
And my heart breaks anew everyday.
It's the angels who tickle his tummy
And it’s in their arms not mine, he will lay.

A statistic, one in seventeen hundred
That’s what they say of my son.
But I say one child is too many
To die from a vaccination.

So mothers do not be so trusting
Hear me before it’s too late.
Don’t lose your child to the “program”
Investigate before you vaccinate.


  1. So the Guggie states they are about evidence based information. This post is anecdotal and a piece of creative writing. It is meant to fear monger not deliver truth through evidence. Show me the evidence. You know studies, methods, peer reviewed and published in a reputable journal. Otherwise this is the same crap the has been discredited time and time again.

    Where is the autopsy, where is a court verdict that shows the vaccine caused the death and where is the proof this anything more than a fictional account and creative writing? How is it evidence based?

  2. Yes, as is obvious to hopefully everyone, this was a poem written by a mom after she witnessed her son die from vaccination.

    I do sincerely hope that no one is unable to correctly identify the form of writing on this guest post.

    1. Holy sadness.
      As a mother..As a Compassionate Caregiver...You Just probably KNOW Women and MOTHERS are hardwired with a sixth/seventh SENSE. This mother saw and heard what happened just moments afterwards...that is enough evidence. thank yoy for the Courage to post...Truthfully was difficult to read...ughh i HOPE I NEVER HAVE to be in that position.

  3. Where did this author get the one in 1700 statistic?