Thursday, August 30, 2012

Birth Awareness Carnival Day #4

We only have 4 days left before the National Improving Birth Rallies kick off across the nation! Click on the photo to learn more!
If a rally isn't the right thing for you, there are two other great projects happening for Birth Awareness Week!
Barbara's Empowered Birth Awareness: make it your own!

Carla's Trust Birth Initiative!

Here are today's carnival submissions:

Kourtney Owens presents Every Day Is Laundry Day: Birth Story posted at Every Day Is Laundry Day.

Funky Little EarthChild presents Funky Little EarthChild: It Hurt. I Screamed. I'm Still Legit. posted at Funky Little EarthChild.
Amanda Hammond presents My Story- How a Baby Planner Could Have Helped Me | Ready or Not A Baby Planning Service posted at Ready or Not A Baby Planning Service.

Do you want to participate? Submissions are ongoing! You can submit your post here or email your post/story/photos/video.

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