Sunday, September 23, 2012

Crunching to Success with Mission: Crunchable

Today, I'm publishing something I've wanted to do for a long time. Mission: Crunchable.

I love sharing information about crunchy, natural, alternative things. I love to learn something every day and feel inspired and excited when I'm reading stuff on here.

But what happens when you're new to these ideas? What about if you've got a LOT of changes to make? What if you don't have support? Or what if your partner, children, relatives and friends are outright hostile?

I've noticed that changing too much, too quickly, without support and encouragement during the transitional period can lead to a crash.

For those people who are interested in making improvements, sometimes the constant online newsfeed just leads to a general sensation of anxiety and of being overwhelmed. Do you ever feel that way? Do you ever feel overwhelmed after reading yet another article about some terrible toxin on your child's cantaloupe? Maybe you read that this parenting method you love to use will have your child funding a therapist's vacation home in the future. Everywhere you turn, you're doing something wrong.

Stop. Breathe! If you start to feel anxious or negative, turn off the newsfeed. Stay away from it! You don't need a constant string of news. If it's not entertaining or useful, then don't expose yourself to it.

Want to do something concrete, positive, empowering and productive? Something that won't take over your day, overwhelm you or give you a panic attack? Come join us as we embark on Mission: Crunchable!

We'll have a variety of activities that you can choose to enjoy or avoid based on what you need and want!

~ 15 minute warm ups: activities to jumpstart your day
~Weekly homework: projects to complete on your own time
~Theme of the month: ideas to guide your progress
~Healthy Habits: keep putting one foot in front of the other
~Me Time: taking care of ourselves to care for our families
~More Mary, not Martha: reflections especially for Christian Crunchies

And much more!

So stop on by the page for more details as we start our journey together on Monday!

Yes, Monday! It's time to celebrate in a different way.

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