Saturday, September 1, 2012

Improving Birth Rallies for Better Births

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A national movement is underway to improve birth in America.  At least 40 cities across the country are holding a “National Rally for Change” on Labor Day, September 3, 2012, to bring awareness to the alarmingly high rates of medically unnecessary cesarean sections and labor inductions.  This campaign seeks to educate and empower women with evidence-based information in order to make truly informed choices regarding their maternity care. Join the movement to get educated, empowered and active!  Please click here to find a rally in your area or to get one started today!

The Ricki Lake Show Premieres September 10!

Ricki is back! Are you ready? The Ricki Lake Show is set to premiere September 10 and Ricki just wrapped an episode dedicated to "The Business of Being Born" featuring Abby Epstein, Ina May Gaskin, Ana Paula Markel, Cara Muhlhahn, Dr. Jacque Moritz and many more! Please stay tuned for more details and the air date of this special episode.

Trial of Labor

Four expectant mothers, from completely separate walks in life, came late one November  to the offices of Dr Elliot Berlin. They had a few things in common; they had undergone C-sections, were all pregnant again, and were determined to try and birth vaginally. They had individually sort the education they needed to tackle this task and decipher the truth in what amounted to a tidal wave of misinformation, coercion, skewed medical policy and insurance limitations. Trial Of Labor is the documentation of their highly emotional journey to attempt what nature intended: to simply birth naturally.  Please click here for more information!

Belli Birthday Bash Celebrates With Giveaways
Belli Skincare is celebrating it's BIRTH day with 30% off all products through September 2nd, along with Weekly giveaways!  This week, they'll be giving away a full Business of Being Born documentary set. Please like Belli Skincare on Facebook and click here to check out their non-toxic product line!
Become a Friend of Ricki

The all-new The Ricki Lake Show, set to premiere in September, is poised to break barriers across a variety of platforms. Always an innovative and genuine voice, Ricki recognizes the power of friendship and the dynamics of social media ― two key components driving the “Friends of Ricki” community. The first social TV community of its kind, “Friends of Ricki” offers you the opportunity to engage in casual conversation about the topics that are most important to you and fellow viewers. It’s a 360-degree, interactive landscape that can exist only with the participation of Ricki, her entire production team and you! Your favorite girlfriend is back, and she is ready to start talking. Join the “Friends of Ricki” community on Facebook ( and on Twitter @FriendsofRicki (using the hashtag #FriendsofRicki).
Shop Our Amazon Store and Support the Cause

Did you know that we have an Amazon store featuring products selected just for you?  Our team has compiled some of our favorite products, books and DVDs for moms, dads, babies and birth professionals.  Please check it out! A percentage of every purchase goes towards continuing to educate and empower women in their birth experiences. 
Moms Love Our Moby Wraps!

Moms, dads and babies all love our super soft Born Free Moby Wraps.  With several colors to choose from, a new Moby Wrap makes the perfect gift for Mother's Day, Birthdays, and baby showers. Please click here to order yours today and pay only $2 for domestic ground shipping!

your best birth bookYOUR BEST BIRTH

is an empowering childbirth guide packed with crucial advice from medical professionals, delivered in a down-to-earth, engaging, and honest voice. Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein reevaluate the pregnancy process, renew expectant mothers’ confidence, and place the control back where it belongs: with parents-to-be.

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