Monday, September 24, 2012

The Other Baby Book Review and Giveaway!

So, in case you don't know, Purple Sister is pregnant! I instantly became more interested in pregnancy and parenting books. Suddenly, it mattered a lot more to me lol.

I picked up "The Other Baby Book" by Megan and Miriam. It's a softcover and not too thick to be intimidating. It has a beautiful photo of a mama and baby on the front. Very inviting. I flipped it open to find a pleasant surprise. This book manages to touch on a plethora of topics without being overbearing or authoritative. It gently introduces the topic with the right amount of info to understand something new and then has resources for deeper research. This is exactly what I wish parents new to the "alternative" stuff could read to answer all those little questions.

Usually, I'm stuck giving out too much information and too many links when a parent new to the worldview comes to me for advice. For example, here is someone who has never heard of people avoiding vaccines. Do I give her ten thousand links? Her eyes might fall out. She's still trying to grasp the idea itself. And for those vaccine safety advocates who are wondering, yes, the book does a great job introducing various basic concepts and walking through common worries, such as herd immunity and Big Pharma.

For those intactivists wondering, the book also clearly states that beliefs about circumcision (e.g. better hygiene) are myths and then provides points for reconsidering circumcision. They do briefly mention Jewish ceremonies without condemnation. It's a mixed bag, but IMO seems perfect for introducing a mama to the topic.

At any rate, if you are looking for a simple, non-intimidating book to give to a pregnant acquaintance, I would say this is a good pick for several reasons:

~It touches on a variety of topics all in one book, so that the mama can start to deeply research them.
~It comes across as nonjudgmental, and as if the reader is competent and savvy.
~It is simple to read and written in such a way that you can float around in the book instead of reading one huge chunk or going chapter by chapter.

You can buy this book on Amazon right here. (The link is NOT monetized).

And now for the giveaway! TWENTY randomly selected winners will receive a free kindle download of this book! To enter the giveaway, just follow the easy rafflecopter widget below!

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  1. "What was the first parenting topic you questioned/researched?"

    First thing I researched was circumcision, but I never had any question about not doing it. Just wanted to learn more to inform other people. I was horrified. =o(

    First thing I questioned and researched for myself was vaccinations. Sadly it was late as my 3 older girls are fully vax'd, and my son received up until his 9 mth shots. But no more and any future children will have intact immune systems.

  2. Circumcision I believe. Not sure though. It was 5 years ago :)

  3. I honestly don't know - though I can take a guess. It was probably either carseats, breastfeeding, circumcision, or vaccination.

  4. Breastfeeding was the first thing I researched. I had absolutely no intention of breastfeeding because I was taught that formula was normal my entire life. I never thought to question it.

  5. Thank you again for hosting this!! I just got my email with the download link - it got sent to my spam. =(

  6. Thank you for hosting this! I just got my email with the link to download. <3 <3