Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Learning to Love at Night

Sleeping is a hot topic when it comes to babies. How, when,'s safe to say American parents are obsessed with the sleeping habits of their babies. For many parents, sleep patterns are not accepted, but rather carefully planned out with intense training, including regimens that begin sometimes as early as 6-8 weeks of age.

Jen's baby catches some Zzzz with Daddy.

As the parenting wars wage on about the practice of CIO (cry it out), I read an article in the November issue of Parenting. It touched on an aspect not mentioned about night time parenting: the moments we have with our children, where we grow and learn to love in new ways. What are we missing as parents when we turn out the lights and take a break from parenting as the sun goes down?

The author, Ross McCammon, reports that when he started to wake up before his baby was screaming, he learned something new:

It seems like hearing the early part [before crying] is the way parenting should work- no matter how old a kid is. The early part involves being curious about their lives, being involved, anticipating a problem. The early part is an opportunity, a preemptive strike. It's you requesting their time, instead of them demanding your care. Sure I'd rather be sleeping at 4:30 in the morning, but if my son wants to hang out for a few minutes before getting down to the business of babyhood then I'll make the best of it. I look forward to it. 4:30 is a gift- one I didn't know I wanted, but I'll take it. (Parenting, issue 269)

Holly's baby catches some daddy time in the wee hours of the night.

You can see more adorable babies sleeping in the slideshow:


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  1. nice!!
    It just occurred to me ...totally outdated info...the medical/infant "experts" suggest dress him/her in 1more layer than for,yourself....THAT IS SILLY!!

    As,an avid co-sleeper...our,LO can regulate,body temp and,can hear my,breathing and heartbeat, as,well as takes a,deep breath afyer I do.

    I suppose if ..(ha!!) he,was,left alone, sure,yeah another,layer....

    I am sooo lucky,to share skin,to-skin Beta Endorphins, and hear the giggles he has in a safe, happpy place...

    Many places around the world cosleep...and,also practice Elimination Communication!

    Perhaps that,will be a,future post from Guggie