Sunday, October 28, 2012

Today's Links on GMOs, Food Additives and Processing

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Watch this movie free until October 31st:

The title sounds self-evident. The bigger concern is that scientists learned we are passing the GMO alterations on to our children while they are in utero. We are, essentially, genetically modified humans now.

New to the topic and looking for basic points? This list is a good place to start:

New Research- GMO Food Far Worse Than We Think:

SO glad to hear that this is not going to be used...for now:

Here's a mainstream link if you can't share "biased" sources:

Gaia Health talks about heirloom seeds here. Do you save your seeds? I have a lot of respect for my teen brother, who is obsessed with saving his seeds:

Seems like things are definitely heating up over our agri issues!

Hmm, interesting discussion from another mainstream resource:

Well, this is just commentary, not cited, but it spends some time reviewing the classic arguments:

What do you think about prop 37?

For those who like to listen, here's a discussion on youtube:

Here's a fascinating movie available on youtube:

Feel like all this info is over your head? Start with this refreshing documentary, from Food Inc:

Want more movies? Here is a list of 10 food documentaries:

A mother talks about GMOs and candy:

This article lists 5 products you CAN give out on Halloween, all regularly packaged and for sale at large retailers or health stores.

As she can't make this stuff up:

The answer is, most likely, yes:

I really liked the positive attitude in this article, and the shout out about kids with allergies:

You might get hungry:

Someone was dedicated and active!

Don't think this is all about Monsanto. Many other companies, organisations and even the government are involved in a variety of unethical practices when it comes to nutrition and health. Like Nestle:

This is basically an "eat this, not that" article:

The rest of the world seems pretty energetic compared to us lol:

A tragedy, when modern business practices meet traditional cultural values:

" I know that many people are having questions recently about GMO seeds, especially with the California issue on the ballot in November. My newest webisode is "Get to Know" GMO. A simple explanation of what they are and how they affect your health #Yeson37" Dr. Bob:

This author breaks down the studies and puts forth a strong argument:

GMOs aren't the only issue. And since the fight is going to continue for a long time, don't forget to pay attention to the many other concerning ingredients in our food:

Before anyone feels hit by a's a great summary on the issues of processing, additives and more:

I like this article b/c it mentions the source...machinery used to process HFCS. As the material is pushed through, it becomes contaminated with mercury. This is true for all foods in all factories...anything on the machines (such as cleaning solution or oil) will end up in the food:

Pretty calm article, great for sharing w/ skeptical friends and family, and great suggestions at the end:

Parents: STOP right now! Make a commitment to treat ALL children with kindness, patience and understanding this Halloween. Children with sensory disorders, allergies, autism and more are trying their best to participate in what should be a fun holiday for all kids:

Food dyes....just avoid them, period. This brief article contains a link to a HUGE PDF with all the citations you need:

And JIC you can't stop using food dye lol:

A mainstream link:

Opinion pieces that explain "natural" flavoring:

Screen for this when you shop for food:


And when you buy those products "supplemented" with "healthy vitamins" what does that really mean?

A look at bread ingredients:

A related issue: humans and animals used in our industries for a variety of applications, testing or even in actual products:



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