Sunday, October 21, 2012

What (Who) I Wore Sunday

Just for a bit of fun...I decided to participate in a Sunday linkup.

What are my staples for a peaceful, gentle experience at church? How do I meet the needs of my children and make the experience positive for them?

The Essentials:

1) A comfy nursing top or layered shirts for quick nursing without a cover
2) A long, loose skirt that covers unshaved legs and is great in the cold or heat
3) My every day pair of worn out birks. (Seriously....Christmas gift hint lol).
4) At least one ergo
5) At least one baby

Wearing babies at church is a great way to spend time connecting with them. And if they fall asleep in the carrier, it's a great way to keep them asleep! You might even get to hear the readings. :-p

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1 comment:

  1. Ohh your baby is so cute. And I really like that skirt. I need to start buying more skirts to wear. Bleh.
    Thanks for joining our linkup!