Thursday, November 8, 2012

Birth Rape Survivor Begins Complaint Process

My heart thudded when I opened up a message the other day. A friend of mine who bravely submitted her birth rape story was contacting me to give an update on her situation.

 You can read her guest post here:

She wrote:

Probably close to a year ago now you published my birth story on your blog. Confessions of a Birth Rape Survivor. I just wanted to thank you for helping in my healing process. I'm still very much in the healing process, but it helped a lot! I finally submitted an official complaint with my state and wanted to share with you the letter I received. It's not much, but it's a start. This ass of a doctor has not only violated me, but other moms in our area in other ways. This MUST stop! 

The letter she received

Additionally, as she was researching the process and preparing to take action, she discovered that her state allegedly exempts doctors from charges of rape during diagnosis and treatment.

Are you familiar with your state law on this topic? Have you experienced abuse or been violated by a doctor? Whatever you decide to do, whether write a letter, file a complaint, press charges or even nothing, please know that we do acknowledge this situation and support those who have been hurt in this way.

What is birth rape?

Another confession:

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