Thursday, November 29, 2012

Purple Sister's Help

For November, I have been participating in the "30 days of thanks" movement. I turned it into a Gratitude Project, where each day for November, I post one photo showing gratitude for something/someone. You can view the album here. 

Today's photo is about Purple Sister. See, Purple Sister has done so much for me, that really it's difficult to pin all those things down into a blog post. But I felt one photo wasn't enough.

Here's an interesting tidbit. Purple Sister is responsible for my marriage. Yeah! I had known Sanfis as an acquaintance for several years as we were both in the same homeschool group. But she was the one, at the zoo one day, to encourage us both to begin talking to each other on a deeper level.

So I guess you could say, if not for Purple Sister, I wouldn't have taken the time to get to know Sanfis better and I wouldn't have come to cherish him, and I wouldn't have married him, which means I wouldn't have my kids. And really, I wouldn't be here, blogging and posting on Facebook.

Life is funny like that.

And Purple Sister was there for me during each of my births. She picked up supplies for us each time, because somehow no matter how much I prepared for birth, I ended up needing something while in labor. She helped to clean up afterwards and to hold and cherish my babies while I was being stitched up, too.

Don't you ever wish you could do something for those special people in your life who have given you so much, you could never repay them?

I hope, someday, that I have the honor of helping Purple Sister in some way that shows her how much she means to me.

Until then, I guess all I can do is post a photo:

I mean, look at that! As a toddler, I treated her like this:

And she is still being nice to me and talking to me and whatnot. In fact, I had to share what she told me today:

"He's not getting circumcised and we aren't pumping him full of vaccines. I've already expressed all of this with my care providers. I am not just relying on all the wonderful people who I am sure love their jobs and want nothing more than my baby to come out in glitter." Ba---zing. LOL

Oh, Purple Sister. Where would I be today without you?

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