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Today's Links on Herbs and Aids for the Childbearing Years


And this link is from the same site, but focuses on contraceptive herbs:


Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) might be improved with these two herbs:

An introductory post on using herbs for PCOS:

I like this article on PCOS and herbs. The background is a little hard on the eyes, but it has good info:

If you're looking for an overall summary on healing PCOS, Naturally Knocked Up has an impressive article:

Of course we have to turn to mother herbalist Susan Weed and her take on PCOS!

This article talks about Gymnema for diabetes and PCOS:

This lady ties PCOS to candida overgrowth and shares her journey:

Unfortunately, the study was not long enough to collect enough data, but they did discover, "There was a clear and significant alteration in the relevant hormone levels."

This link also talks about other methods that might help with PCOS:

Lots of info to glean from this list:

Are you very new to herbs? This article provides answers to some good beginning questions:

Sure, Natural News 中文網 is biased, but the breakdown here is a good read:

This studied looked at a Korean approach that included herbs:


Are you trying to conceive? PRE-conception diet is a vital yet often overlooked aspect. The time begin building your vitamin/mineral stores is usually several months before conception occurs.

Additionally, some nutrients are needed very early in pregnancy, such as before you know you are pregnant. An unintended deficiency during those critical moments can lead to severe issues.

Here's some info about a popular nutrient, known in America as folic acid:

Learn more at Modern Misfits

thehealthyhomeeconomist talks about diet before conception and includes a beginner's list to sourcing your nutrients from whole foods as opposed to taking multis:

Real Food Forager does a great job walking us through traditional foods for pregnancy and lactation:

Why fermented cod liver oil? If you're going to shell out the $$$ for this stuff, consider eeking out a tiny bit more for fermented:

And anyways, why Green Pastures cod liver oil? Modern Alternative Mama shares her experience with FCLO:

This site shares more about why I say, if you are going to spend the $$$ on cod liver oil, make it count:

The APA provides a moderate, basic review of pregnancy herbal teas, listing them as safe or unsafe and linking to additional research:

Susan Weed talks about herbs during pregnancy:

Here is a personal story and more info on RRL tea:

More on RRL tea, including other uses:

Even more on RRL tea:

Did you experience heartburn while pregnant?

EOs especially for pregnant women and babies:

Pre-eclampsia remedies...remember that this condition is not well understood by doctors and can become dangerous rapidly.

My post on PIH and pre-e:

Yeast infections:

Magnesium, an overlooked treasure, might be the key to solving morning sickness. The catch? Remember that pre-conception diet? It seems you need magnesium stores BEFORE conception:

Birth Faith talks about her morning sickness theory here:

Let's get back to Pre-e for a bit here:

Vitamin D Council talks about pre-e:

A lot of people swear by this diet, or one w/ slight modifications, while others say it doesn't work. Have you used this diet before?

Want a massive amount of info on pre-e? From the archives:

Resources on GBS including scary antibiotic-resistant strains:

Stand and Deliver talks about treating GBS overgrowth:

An indepth look at GBS, antibiotics and other options:

Modern Alternative Mama talks about getting a negative GBS test:

I was surprised and disappointed to find very little warning against routine, natural induction, or at least doing a better job of talking about the consequences. Here is one article at least:

Here is another article on natural induction:

More on induction:

Talks about a mix of things from "encouraging" to actual interventions:

This post gets us towards the end of pregnancy...birth and afterwards:

Shepherd's purse is a weed, actually. But it can halt hemorrhage pretty effectively in some cases and is often added to birth kits for 3rd stage management. Please note: do not take shepherd's purse before the placenta is out, as it can cause clamping down and blood clots.

Remember: just because the word "natural" is in front of a name, doesn't mean it is without consequences. I like this post because it points out some pitfalls to inappropriate or uninformed 3rd stage management:

Ideas on 3rd stage management w/ tinctures:

Gentle care with EOs after birth:

Wellness Mama talks about building your own birth kit:

Where to buy birth supplies?

More birth supplies:

Some things to research:

Angelica root. This is for AFTER BIRTH ONLY as it is used to detach the placenta. This is a powerful intervention. If you have an older child nursing frequently, you need to research this carefully as it can mobilize through milk.

Homeopathy for pp hemorrhage:

Gives some talk about research into herbal hemorrhage management:

Moving on to some other remedies...cell salts:

Manuka honey:

What's up w/ manuka honey anyways?

Make every calorie count during pregnancy:

Blackstrap molasses:

CHEESESLAVE talks about fermented awesome way to promote healthy gut flora for your pre-born baby:

Kombucha, safe or not? When you want something bubbly, consider reaching for this classic:

Got lecithin? Every mama should!

Every pregnant woman needs an excuse to soak in a tub!

Epsom salts are great for a variety of reasons, including detoxing gently. But for absorbing magnesium, please consider oils on the skin!

What if you're breastfeeding and TTC?

First, some guidelines from

When is it part of mommyhood, and when is it something else? We hope to lose weight while breastfeeding, but for some women, that doesn't happen:

Another piece of the puzzle:

And just when you thought it was all over...we still have much to look forward to, lol!

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