Monday, November 26, 2012

What World Scares You?

I chimed in on a discussion where a lady had been accused of ruining society for her gentle parenting methods. And suddenly I saw it!

Think about how those who vaccinate point their fingers and shout, "It's those anti-vaccine quacks! They don't vaccinate! They are dirty, germy and spreading disease!" Well, last time I checked, those who choose to remain 100% vaccine free constitute 0.5%-1% of the population (according to the CDC). So, no. The thousands of people out there contracting and then spreading disease are primarily vaccinated.

For example, during this chickenpox outbreak, only 3 of the 92 infected children were vaccine-free

Learn more about vaccines here:

Think about how those who circumcise scrunch up their noses and whine that "uncircumcised men" are spreading HIV and other STIs around. Oh really? Except until just a few years ago, the majority of American men were circumcised routinely at birth, and that's been going on for most of the century. And we have the highest HIV rate in the developed world.

In fact, when you do the math on a recent article about HIV rates, you discover that circumcised men have an increased risk:

Learn more about circumcision here:

Think about how those who CIO, and/or wean forcefully and/or dismiss babywearing, and/or support bottle propping, etc roll their eyes and claim that those who co-sleep, continue to nurse, practice attached bottle feeding and babywear have raised selfish, impatient, lazy brats who are out ruining the country. Then turn to the statistics, which show a minority of women who begin breastfeeding after birth actually makes it past one year of breastfeeding! And not just a minority, but a smidgen! Take it to 2 years of breastfeeding and you drop below 6%! Take a look at the million strollers on the market, the bottle holders, bouncy seats, swings, playpens and more all completely embraced (and overused) in our culture. The majority are not "babying" their children.

Take a look at the percentages for breastfeeding as an example:

Learn more about nursing past modern minimums here:

Finally, think about those sarcastic memes circulating on here that say things such as, "The reason our country is ruined is because parents don't smack their children" or, "I remember the good ole days where parents were allowed to thump their children. Now everyone is selfish and lazy." Um, except all you have to do is take a look at any study, pro or anti spanking, to discover that the majority of parents hit their children regularly and the majority of parents practice other punitive methods such as yelling and time outs. And, even if you didn't believe that most people are still spanking, the current generation of "selfish/lazy/bratty" young adults...WERE spanked.

"The researchers noted that spanking has declined in the United States since 1975, but corporal punishment is still used to discipline nearly 80 percent of preschool children."

Learn more about spanking here:

These people need to walk up to a mirror and study what they find in it. Blaming the minority for attempting to get out of the huge mess of violence and violation isn't fooling anyone. If you find yourself pointing your finger at methods that promote respect, peace, patience, kindness, forgiveness and unconditional love, then I encourage you to take heart.

You can stop the cycle of abuse.

YOU, yes, YOU are strong enough, good enough and smart enough to take a stand. You can break the cycle. You can stand up tall and say that the continuation of an abusive culture will not ripple through your family any longer. Wherever you are, whatever you have done up to this point, it is not more than your inner will to change.

Do you miss the good ole days? Do you think our country is going to hell in a hand basket? Do you think the world is filled with hateful, uncaring, detached, selfish, apathetic, lazy, perhaps even evil people? Do you long for children peacefully playing at the park and adults smiling, caring about each other and filled with joy?

Then look in the mirror. Set aside the blaming finger. And lift up arms of service to your children. Raise a voice of forgiveness to your teens. Step forward in excitement with your toddlers. Raise a help stop the cycle.