Saturday, December 29, 2012

MyFertilityMD App Review

I reviewed the MyFertilityMD iphone app and was a little unsure exactly where to go with this post because I don't have anything negative to say about it. And that tends to make a review look as if it's an advertisement. When in reality, I was not approached or compensated by the developers. I was simply scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed one day when I noticed a friend talking about the app, and promptly said I was interested in learning more.

The aesthetics are very pleasing to the eye and this app definitely carries a professional feel to it, with smooth colors and easy to read font.

Those who like to hear from the experts will be pleased to find a tab that allows you to directly send information and questions to actual doctors. You don't have to leave the app to email. There is also a table of FAQs, a forum, videos and a photo library.

When you open the app, you can go right to daily charting. And you can toggle over to an interactive calendar to review your cycles.

More than that, though, is a program that will store all of your data right in the device you use most often and are most likely to have on you at any given time during the day. This might be a trivial point to some, but if you're like me, it's fantastic.

Before I stopped charting my fertility, I was pretty disorganized. This is partly personality, partly the reality of being a busy mama. I had started a Fertility Series on my blog and wanted to review a variety of gadgets and NFP methods for the crunchy mama community. So I had my paper charts hanging out on the bathroom shelf. Then I had a charting account on a website to plot things online and share w/ others. Then I was looking at the ovacue and ovacue II. And on top of it all, I was entering info into the marquette website.

This app can consolidate all of that and in such a way that you're unlikely to forget to chart a symptom. It's broad enough that you can place all of your information from various methods into one place, but detailed enough to stay organized. It also has a great feature: the app will send a push notification to your phone reminding you to chart for the day.

If you have integrated your smartphone into your schedule and use it for scheduling your day, this app will streamline your charting. It brings NFP into your technological world.

Get the app here:


  1. I've struggled to find an app for my phone. I have a BlackBerry and the apps that I can find are slow, and not terribly accurate and also are very "standard" unlike my cycle, which is short, so insist on plugging in dates according to a 28 day cycle, which makes them a bit "off". I am pretty good at reading my body and it's signs, but I like to keep a track of things, to avoid pregnancy. I will keep hunting for an app, unless this one comes to BB. I did use Fertility Friend, but am loathe to pay on-going fees for their facilities, although they are very good.

    1. This will be available in Web form soon The mobile app will be available for all with smart phones as long as you have internet connection.