Thursday, December 6, 2012

Q&A: How do I Heal Teeth? Is Fluoride Toxic?

"I took my child to the dentist to have her teeth cleaned. When it was done it left white lines along the gum line. The dentist said that she HAD to switch to toothpaste containing fluoride and give her fluoride pills since we don't have it in our water here. Are there natural things I can give her or do to heal her teeth besides fluoride?"

Yes, the natural oral health option is called remineralizing. This is not crazy talk; current researchers are attempting to learn new ways to remineralize the teeth since previous theories such as drilling away the damaged portion are not a true solution. Additionally, mainstream dentistry does offer chemical options to remineralize that might or might not be of interest to you. (Remember, we oppose routine and unnecessary interventions, but support medically indicated ones when made as informed and necessary decisions).

But first, natural options for remineralization include a variety of options that are not chemicals, and that are beneficial to the whole body. Consider researching supplies such as bentonite clay, coconut oil, fermented cod liver oil, butter oil (k2), cell salts, probiotics and xylitol. Also, removing systemic fluoride, avoiding lead and other heavy metals, removing potential allergens such as grains and dairy, healing the gut, etc all assist the body in healing the teeth.

Here's the thing. Topical application of fluoride does work, in a way, because it forms a chemical bond on the teeth. Note that it doesn't heal the underlying problem, though. That's not necessarily *wrong* but it isn't really the right way of thinking, especially when wanting to give our children the best start during their developmental years. And anyways, that means fluoride is only useful as a topical application. Ingesting it simply exposes the internal organs to a chemical that has been noted as toxic, can pass the blood brain barrier and can accumulate in vital organs including the brain and liver.

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