Saturday, December 15, 2012

You DO Make a Difference!

Little Teddy received the best care from his mama:
personalized, informed care! 

"My third little boy, Teddy, was born on November 26th at 10:41pm by emergency c-section. He was a footling breech presentation and had the cord wrapped twice around his ankle. This birth went very differently from what was going to be my first and only planned homebirth.

But I wanted to share something important. During pregnancy, I researched and learned many new things. Because of this, despite his necessary intervention, Teddy and I experienced as peaceful a birth as possible with delayed cord clamping and immediate skin to skin (and we stayed that way all night!)

Teddy is my first son to remain intact (meaning, he is not circumcised). He is happy, we are settled into a good rhythm and he is breastfeeding like a champ. I also had my placenta encapsulated, which has helped my healing, milk supply and emotions in ways I didn't even know were possible before!

So no matter what birth experience you have, the decisions you are left to make do make a difference! Thank you for all that you do! XOXO" ~Sar Dutton

In our previous post about birth (here), we discussed the necessary and healthy acknowledgment about our births, the way they turn out and healing from any perceived trauma or abuse. What comes next?

This mama's message exemplifies the next step for processing our birth experiences. Recognizing the choices we do have and every bit of kindness and goodness we have given to our children and ourselves is a great practice when processing birth experiences.

Once you are done with your journey of grief and anger (and you decide when you are done) then moving on to the empowering aspects can be very fruitful. That's when we forgive ourselves and perhaps forgive others, too. That's when we begin to see our strength. That's when we realize how much we've given to our children and how much we love them, no matter what. 

Have you found this place on your journey? You are welcome to share in the comments below or you can send your story to my email for publishing.

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