Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Waiting in the Hush Before the Storm

I'm just about 41 weeks along and my baby is still growing and benefiting from me. I did not get pregnant to rush my own agenda onto him, but rather to accept his schedule as my own.

This begins with consciously accepting him into the world when he wants to arrive. Surely the end is hard and sore and so very uncomfortable. But it is normal. Elective induction is not.

I will not drink castor oil, torture myself with heartburn from devouring spicy foods, suck on pineapples, have sex in the mud, or whatever crazy things you have heard will speed up the process.

I will continue listening to my body and doing what it asks. I am not on a schedule unless you count the divine and infinite one that Mother Nature has set in motion.

Now sit back and enjoy this time and peace with me. The peace in knowing that God and Nature do not create lemons. Each thing has a purpose, a reason for being and doing. I am taking back my body and gaining my purpose in a purely spiritual way.

I am one with every woman before me in this waiting and I am surrendering. I invite you to join me on this journey and to stop worrying about my baby. He will get here.

~ Jessica Imotichey, 2013

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  1. Wonderful! No rush. My son was born at 41+5. Perfect of course. He just turned 2 and speaks in sentences, very intellegent. I say he was just fattening up his brain a little more in there!