Thursday, May 30, 2013

Are You Strong, Brave and Smart?

It's really frustrating when mamas tell me they could never have a normal birth and could never be brave enough because they've had a c-section, been induced, had assisted delivery, or any other intervention.

It keels me over. Don't you get it? Women who birth without intervention aren't amazing, elite creatures. If everything went well, or they had good support or a strong cultural base that shielded them from pressure or fears, that's not being brave. That's not being awesome and a rockstar, or courageous and amazing. 

No, you mamas who have felt the pitocin contractions, who have been pressured to consent to interventions, who have gone in for surgery, who have taken drugs and experienced forceps and cutting...YOU are much braver and much stronger than you realize. You have already experienced MORE than the general pains of laboring. 

You've had to make tough decisions, perhaps without any support or charitable bedside manner. You've experienced other injuries and pains to the body in addition to laboring and having a newborn. You've done MORE and felt MORE.

If you can experience THAT MUCH, then realize you CAN birth without intervention. You can definitely face labor pains made by your own brain if you've faced labor pains made by a machine. You can definitely face the commitment to laboring vaginally if you've committed to a c-section. You can definitely face the pressures and fears in your heart if you've faced the pressure and fears of professionals around you. 

You're already ahead of the game. Take courage from that advantage!

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