Thursday, May 30, 2013

Babies Need to Eat During a War

Born out of a war,
Survival calling,
Substitutes that can't compare.

Plants and animal milks, lots of sugar,
Cans watered down to meet a budget,
When a man is at war and a woman works to keep him there.

No one really cares, no one looks hard, within science that doesn't yet exist.
The consequences, toxins, failings, they all get a free pass-
Whatever works and makes money is good enough during war.

Many years pass by and science continues.
Yet everyone is content to pay the price for a product unquestioned.
It was good enough back then, why change it?

Some people sound the alarm, something is wrong,
Our greatest treasures, our children are living on ages past.
Storm the gates, demand the science, change the future.

But alas, the few are outnumbered by the many.
Attacked and scorned, called judgmental,
Quieted to the delight of the companies.

And the people continue to pay,
For a substance yet proven, a quality never given-
It figures, as we never left the war.

Formula History

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