Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cause He's Amazing, Just the Way He is...No Cutting Required!

So you know the common statements in regards to infant circumcision, where the mothers publicly fixate on the eroticism and sexual appeal of their sons' penises, justifying circumcision because they claim it makes their baby penises prettier, sexier, more attractive, etc?

First, yes. Gag me, it's beyond comprehension not only how parents can openly promote surgery on infants for erotic reasons, but also how our society condones this. I'm quite sure if a father posted a Facebook status about getting his newborn daughter "done" because circumcised women are sexier, he'd be lit on fire in the streets and make national news.

But back to the point of this status. When people hear these mothers spouting off these sexually abusive comments, they tend to say things such as, "The penis isn't attractive anyways" or "Genitals aren't beautiful" or "It's not like the penis is something to look at."

Let's get something right here.

Every single part of your child is beautiful. Every part is complex, unique and highly functioning in design and intent. Nothing on your child is ugly or unappealing.

When mothers push surgery on their infants for reasons of eroticism, the correct response is to remind them that their sons are already perfect, already beautiful, already attractive and already wonderful exactly as they are in normal biological form.

When mothers talk about circumcised penises looking "sexier" the appropriate response is to remind them that circumcised penises appear more attractive to them because a circumcised penis is in a permanently erotic state.

See, when the normal penis prepares for sexual activity, the prepuce (foreskin) will glide back, revealing the glans. Boys with normal penises aren't lacking any form of human beauty; it's there, covered and waiting for when they are ready and not when their parents want to forcefully expose them with surgery.

Don't let your disgust over common circumcision statements cloud your judgment in a debate. The body is beautiful, no slicing, snipping, or cutting required.

Let's remind mothers that their sons are unconditionally lovable, beautiful and perfect the way they are from the start. We want our girls to hear this, why not our boys?

When I see your son

There's not a thing that I would change
'Cause your son is amazing
Just the way he is...

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