Saturday, June 15, 2013

It's Never Vaccination

Name withheld upon request.

This is Ania's story.

My daughter suffered from several reactions to her vaccines. Whether or not she was predisposed to reacting I will never know as our country doesn't test children before vaccinating, but I did talk over my family history of seizures with her doctor who claimed that didn't matter.

At her 2 month shots she suffered a mild case of post vaccinal encephilitis. I say mild only because she didn't die and her actual head size didn't change. She was in immense pain and screamed for 6 hours straight the night of the shot. Nothing would calm her, not even breastfeeding. I went to the doctor, alarmed, but she claimed it was mere coincidence. Looking at her medical records now it literally states, "Mother complains of fussy baby" yet I went in there hysterical, demanding she tell me what was wrong. This was NOT a "fussy baby" but a very sick baby.

After the vaccines she also suffered a temperature between 101 degrees and 104 degrees for a month straight with no other symptoms. The doctor brushed this off as "nothing." The screaming didn't stop by the way. She continued to scream 4+ hours a day until she was 15 months old. At her 4 month visit I said I did not want to vaccinate her because of her reaction the first time.

The doctor told me again that she didn't have a reaction, that I was young and uneducated and I needed to just trust her. After nearly an hour of bullying I caved in and consented to more vaccines. After those shots she began bleeding from her intestines and seizing. She began to lose weight. I went to a GI doctor for help and went on a severe elimination diet.

Guess what the GI doctor's final diagnosis was? "Some kids just bleed from their intestines." After several diet changes and even just eating lamb, lettuce, and olive oil for months, again the doctor assured me it was a coincidence. I finally fired her. I went to a new doctor and explained everything. He had nothing new to say and adamantly agreed it could not have been the vaccines.

The bleeding and the seizures did not stop until she was a little over 9 months. She became constantly sick during that time with virus after virus, bronchitis and even Rotavirus 4 times. The doctor convinced me BECAUSE she was so ill she needed her 6 month shots and that if I refused he would have to call social services on me. He told me she would DIE without the shots and I was playing Russian Roulette if I did not vaccinate her. He said all her issues were NOT from the vaccines even though I brought him documentation from the CDC clearly stating some of her reactions as valid vaccine reactions.

I was bullied, belittled, threatened... Again she got the shots and became very ill. If she went 1 or 2 days without a fever it was a miracle. ALL she did was scream and cry relentlessly. I was going insane. I could barely thrive. All I could do was carry her and try to encourage her to nurse. Finally I put my foot down and absolutely refused her shots. I told them to go ahead and call social services that they were blind and I was not an idiot she was reacting. She got better when we stopped vaccinating. The seizures stopped, the bleeding stopped, the constant illness continued despite the fact she stayed home with me and was exclusively breastfed.

Still the doctor said it was coincidence that she improved when we stopped vaccinating. At her 15 month appointment I was harassed into just finishing the Hib series. (Editor's note: this is the "just one" tactic.) The doctor claimed she was worried she could get meningitis from Hib and said it was just one little vaccine, not a combo and that I should really finish the series.

I stupidly agreed. Surprise, surprise, the bleeding came back but did go away again and the seizures did not come back. Yet suddenly she was allergic to an array of foods. She began to display very autistic like fits that we could not explain. The constant illness continued and she began having ear infections back to back starting the day after the Hib shot. She never had one in her life before it. She suffered 7 ear infections in 5 months.

I fired her doctor again. Antibiotics were not working. They were talking tubes. I, by the grace of God, found a holistic pediatrician. I was practically hysterical my first visit dumping her story on him. By this point my nerves were so shot from constant worry I didn't know what to expect. I thought I was going crazy. I knew in my heart it was the vaccines but I did not come to know the medical terms until much later. I was trying to study about vaccines during the few moments my baby was content or asleep.

The holistic pediatrician confirmed that he believed all her issues were from the vaccines and stemmed from the reactions. Through homeopathy, detoxing, diet changes and staying away from conventional medications we finally healed her around 30 months. The constant illness stopped. She was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder (explaining the autistic like fits) but we seem to have healed that as well through diet, natural medicines, and detoxification.

We still have gut healing to do and are hoping we can heal her food allergies. My second child was born at home and never vaccinated and she is 13 months today. She been sick 3 times in those 13 months. I know this is anecdotal but I think it's really saying something in our case.

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  1. I thought I was going insane as well. I take that back. Which mother would not go insane if their infant's vitality markedly decreased after vaccination? Neither child nor mother should have to go through that.

  2. My oldest two were vaccinated. Always sick with ear infections, strep... you name it. UNTIL I stopped the shots. Neither have been sick since. My younger two... never had shots and in five years...never had one bout of illness than an occassional runny nose. I so believe in not vaccinating. Stand firm mama, protect your babies!!