Saturday, June 15, 2013

Where are the Fathers?

This Father's Day, consider a gift that touches on something deeper than grilling brats or fishing.

The long-awaited documentary about fathers in the birth industry is on a special pre-release until June 21st just for celebrating Father's Day. You can purchase it here and download it instantly. You can also see the trailer here on youtube.

Where are the fathers? What role do they play? If you look around in our culture, fathers seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to parenthood. On television and in movies, they are often depicted as bumbling fools, incompetent, superficial, uninvolved, self-absorbed or altogether non-existent. And that's merely for every day life.

Examples aren't hard to find!
Add in the intense, life changing event of birth and companies attempt to one-up themselves creating male characters seen screaming, crying, fainting or running from the hospital room. Perhaps most accurate of all, however, are those companies who show the birth industry's reaction to the father's presence, and how hospital staff determine the father's involvement and hierarchy. Take Nissan's recent commercial as a great summary:

Janel, creater of the documentary The Other Side of the Glass brings us into the shocking, depressing state of fatherhood at birth. Including interviews from men discussing the birth of their children along with eye opening birth footage and expert analysis, she seeks to spread awareness about those we've forgotten perhaps more than the mama and baby: the fathers. Her documentary, triggering as it might be for some, is a MUST SEE for every pregnant woman and her partner as they prepare to birth in our country.


Purchase this documentary on a special pre-release until June 21st here.


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  1. My husband was with me.throughout labor and caught our daughter! Also, he was the one that announced.the sex! It was amazing!

  2. This looks very interesting. While my husband won't readily admit it, I think the birth of our son was traumatic for him, even though it was a very gentle birth. He was very involved, but was definitely met with some dismissal by some of the staff.

  3. Great are certainly left out and marginalized.

  4. My husband caught out last child, it was an amazing experience for both of us!

  5. My husband caught our last baby, unassisted, before the midwives arrived. The rest of the time he was my rock of support, holding my hand and looking into my eyes. I want him to do the same again.

  6. My DH was disempowered as a father with both of my births, especially w/ DS in 2009 though. They forgot about bringing DH into the room during my CS. It wasn't until DS was half way ou of me that they brought him into the room. They also wouldn't allow DH to accompany DS to the nursery. DH has to watch DS through the nursery glass for 3 hours while strangers touched him and DS cried. There was no medical reason for any of this. I would love to win a copy of this to watch w/ DH. I also emailed Janel a month or so ago to try to arrange a screening in my area. This looks like such a powerful film that I think people need to see.

  7. My choice now would be home with my partner, much different than my first two births!