Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Quick Crunchy Hack: Cloth Doll Dipes on a Budget

We are always losing the little diapers that come with their dolls. So I decided to make some doll diapers with the kids. I'm on a budget, I have 3 toddlers to entertain and zero home ec skills. Obviously the fancy, deluxe diapers weren't an option. You can find cloth doll diapers for sale on etsy or ebay starting at $4-5 and going to, um, astronomical levels.

So I hashed a quick plan. We stopped into a store to buy some fabric. For a mere $3 each, the kids picked out their favorite characters. Then I picked up pre-cut velcro tabs.

The rest was easy...simple enough for my toddlers to help out with and take pride in the finished project.

1) Trace the existing cloth diaper (this does require you to have one lol).
2) Cut out the pattern.
3) Apply the tabs and test to make sure they line up.

This is a waterbaby from Target.

I bought the press-on tabs thinking it would be easier but they didn't last long at all and I had to stitch them on anyways, so go for the sew-ons to save more money.

Project total for 12 doll diapers: $8.

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