Saturday, July 13, 2013

Stop Calling Your Daughters Pretty and Your Sons Tough!

Yes, stop it! And for that matter, take a look at their wardrobe, decor, commercials on TV, etc and think about what everyone else is telling your children. Only the boys are tough, fun, cool and love playing in the mud? Only the girls are pretty, beautiful, sweet and love sitting under the sun?

"But, Guggie, boys and girls are different!" Ya know what, whether you think they are different or the same or some other gradient comparison, I can absolutely, 100% guarantee your children are MORE than merely pretty and tough. More than cool and sweet. And more than pigeonholed activities. I'm not telling you to ignore who your child is, on the contrary, I'm telling you to see all of your child and to let your child know that you value him or her for more than looks and socially acceptable roles.

"But, Guggie, I don't mean pretty like her physical beauty. I mean pretty on the inside." Then start using real words to describe the interior of a person. Start using accurate words, descriptive words, deep words. If it isn't about physical beauty, then you don't need to use the word pretty, cute or beautiful. Bonus: this is also an excellent way to expand and improve your young child's vocabulary!

No matter what the sex, the gender, the orientation or anything else might be, whether imposed upon them or found within them, whether biblical or societal, whether a sign of our era or a sign of biology...our children are human and they are all filled with a variety of traits, talents, skills and qualities. Let's get to know our children below their skins.

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1 comment:

  1. Great thought-provoking post!

    I feel super awesome, Super-momma...after reading this I complimented myselfI for my fantastic parenting .. as I daily GENUINELY verbalize 16 of the 26 listed with my 17mon son!

    It is my life passion to raise him with an emotional awareness and high levrl of compassion....very unlike how my husband was raised.

    I tell my son every day I appreciate him for the core of his heart.AND I TELL him with utmost realness...that I love him!! When he wakes those are his first words he hears as well as when he drifts for nap & bedtime.

    My husband drops his head sadly & looks away when he hears me speaking such lovliness to my son.....ouch....hmmm

    i thank the Universe, I get 23+hrs each day witiyh my(our) amazing son!

    Thank you again 4 posting!