Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Advanced Homeopathy Guide: The Best Homeopathic Resources for Mom, Dads, and Kids!

Homeopathy is a gentle, easy, quick and affordable form of alternative medicine that is perfect for kids and parents! Homeopathic medicines are easy to find as they are sold at many vitamin stores and most Whole Foods stores within the United States. In many cases homeopathy can remove the damage done by vaccines. Homeopathy can also be a very effective treatment for ADD, ADHD, and even ASD.

NCH Homeopathic Child Resource Guide (PDF)

David Little's Homeopathic First Aid Room.
This advanced homeopathic guide can help you find the correct remedy for many easily-treatable conditions.

Dr. Luc de Shepper's Guide to Frequently-Used Homeopathic Remedies
An easily readable guide to the most popular homeopathic medicines.

ABC Homeopathy Remedy Finder
This is an easy-to-use tool for finding the correct homeopathic remedy.

Babies: Gentle Medicine for Gentle Beings: Homeopathy for babies by Dr. Luc de Shepper.

Common Colds, Coughs and Flu: Don’t suffer needlessly when Homeopathy is near! by Dr. Luc de Shepper.

Frequently-used homeopathic medicines for Pregnancy and Childbirth
Excerpt from Impossible Cure by Amy L. Lansky, PhD.
The mother of a previously autistic child and a leading promoter of homeopathy shares the story of how she discovered homeopathy and cured her son of autism.

Impossible Cure - Resources for Autism

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