Thursday, October 10, 2013

Babywearing During Pregnancy

Continuing our celebration of International Babywearing Week...Babywearing during pregnancy! Yes, it has been done and yes, it's worth a try!

Continue bonding and keep the convenience of carrying throughout those 9 (or 10) months with these simple tips:

1. Common sense reigns. Listen to your body, don't overdo it or try tricky ideas during pregnancy. Take care to lift and tie correctly to protect your pelvis and ligaments. If you have complications, injuries or are on bed rest, babywearing is most likely not right for you. Consult your doctor or midwife for individual care.

2. Comfortable babywearing means following your bump. Although inspiration from other pregnant mamas is helpful, remember that your bump has individual needs. Below the belly, above the belly...only a structured carrier, or a ringsling or wrap? It all depends on you and your bump so feel confident in what works for you.

3. Wrap-style carriers can also be used as maternity support belts (and afterwards for post-partum belly binding.) Make sure to spend some time reading up on this so that you do it effectively and are aware of any downsides.

Here are some pregnancy carrying mamas showing off their bumps and carriers!

"Babywearing my nearly 3yr old at 34weeks pregnant with baby #3"

"33 weeks pregnant with ds (baby#4) while wearing my 17mo (baby#3)."

April is carrying her daughter on her back and expecting #2 in January!

"Wearing one of my 2yo twins while apple picking... #5 due in December!"

39 weeks with #5 and giving #3 a ride

"27 weeks with DD two and loving my ergo!"

"Me about 7 months pregnant and big sis 18 months old with my red didy I found at a consignment sale for $10!!!!"

"I'm about 37 weeks along here I think, and wearing a 2.5 year old. The ring waist was the best idea EVER"

"This is me wearing my daughter (I think she was about 15/16 months at the time?) while about 20 weeks pregnant with my son. This was also me trying out my brand new wrap for the first time!"

"Me wearing Malachi at 19 months old and I am 1.5/2 months pregnant. Unfortunately, this is my only photo of me pregnant and baby wearing... I had lost my Ergo for a while after this trip, and then I would forget to take a picture when I did later wear him later on in pregnancy.

I wore him a couple weeks before I had his baby sister and it was only for 20 minutes. It wasn't that *I* was uncomfortable wearing him and being pregnant, but the people around me were uncomfortable with me wearing him and being pregnant."

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